This page is dedicated to Big Bad Bugadoom, which is the third level in Honeyhive Galaxy.

Bubble Blaster

You’ll want to first head up to the fountain up the hill, avoiding the Mandibugs and Boulders as you go. Then, use stand in front of the Bubble Blaster and let it blow a bubble onto you. This bubble will then transport you to the other side of the planet. Grab the extra life Mushroom and then jump down to the lower platform, where you can get a Bee-Mushroom.

Bubble Blaster will help you get over to the other side of the planet.

Remember, as Bee Mario, you cannot be touched by water. Head back up the pole onto the higher platform and make your way into the tunnel on the north wall. Be careful not to get hit by any flying bubbles as this will also cause you to lose Bee powers.

When you’re inside the tunnel, Queen Bee will be awaiting you at the end. She will ask that you help defeat the Bugaboom Boss. She will spawn in a Launch Star, which you can then use to reach the boss.

Queen Bee needs your help!

Bugaboom Boss Fight

You’ll land on a small platform just off the planet where you’ll find Bugaboom. If you need it, there will be a new Bee-Mushroom you can use before you enter the fight. When you’re all ready to go, use the Launch Flowers to boost your flight over to the boss area.

The goal of this fight is to groundpound the big Bugaboom. You’ll need to groundpound him three times to defeat him for good. To groundpound him, you’ll need to use the Flower Launches to help boost you into the air so you have enough time to fly a little and then groundpound the Bugaboom. Timing is key, especially for the two later phases.

The Bugaboom is big and bad.

After you groundpound him the first time, the Bugaboom will begin flying, making his movement a little faster. This will mean you’ll need to be a bit faster with boosting off a Flower Launch and groundpounding into him. If you miss, you might get damaged by the Bugaboom!

Once you’ve hit him a second time, he will become extra angry and red! He will fly higher and even rotate his body so it’s harder to groundpound him. He will also move very fast, meaning it might take you a couple of goes to groundpound him at the right moment. Remember always to stay clear of water as you’ll lose your Bee power!

When you’ve defeated him, a Power Star will spawn on a raised area in the water.

(1 of 2) Groundpounding the angry Bugaboom will be a bit tricky

Groundpounding the angry Bugaboom will be a bit tricky (left), but you’ll get a Power Star for it! (right)

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