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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Trouble on the Tower

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough for the level Trouble on the Tower. This is the second star in the Honeyhive Galaxy.

Groundpounding Rocks

You’ll notice that there are now weird concrete rocks all across the starting planet. You can destroy them using a groundpound action. The second rock you’ll come across will spawn a Sproutle vine when you destroy it. Use this vine to traverse across onto a new vine. Then, take that vine to a higher platform.

Use the vines to travel to the next area.

Once you’re on the new platform, use the spring jump to your right to jump into the Launch Star above. To get the highest jump, groundpound the spring jump. Once you’re on the higher platform, you’ll notice a Wiggler circling a button. Groundpound the button to reveal a bridge that’ll take you to the next area. The best way to defeat a wiggler is to spin it to incapacitate it then jump on it. If you jump on it first you’ll make it very angry!

The wiggler will get angry if you jump on its head!


This next area will require that you wall jump up to the higher area. Firstly, you’ll need to groundpound the wooden button to lower the structure. Then to wall jump, you’ll need to jump against the wall and press A/B again. Keep doing this until you reach the top.

You’ll need to wall jump all the way to the top!

When you reach the top, you’ll need to wall jump between two wooden plank structures to reach a Launch Star that will take you to the next area.

Rainbow Star Mario

You’ll be launched onto a planet that looks a bit like a tophat. It’s covered in Piranha Plants that you can either avoid or spin attack. You’ll then need to jump down from the dark brown planet to the planet that’s inhabited by a few wigglers. You can either choose to avoid them or defeat them. At the bottom of this planet is another Launch Star that will take you to a new planet.

The new planet has a hollow tree trunk at the top of it that Mario will need to go down. Before you do that though, you might want to go on the side of the planet, run through the Golden ? coin and pick up the Rainbow Star to transform into Rainbow Mario. For a short time you will be invincible and you can run into everything (with increased speed!) and defeat them instantly. You could try this out on the nearby Piranha Plants and wigglers if you wanted. After you’ve had your destructive fun, head down the hollowed tree trunk to the next planet.

Rainbow Mario is invincible (for a short time)!

Defeat the Mandibugs

When you raach the new area, a Bee will tell you that the Mandibugs have taken over their Observatory! There is one Boss Mandibug at the top of the tower and a few other minor around the bottom of the observatory.

The Mandibugs have taken over!

Firstly, to get to the Mandibugs, you’ll need to use the swing to the left of the Bee. If you land on the higher platform after letting go of the swing, you’ll notice that there is a platform that looks like a windmill. You’ll need to find a button to activate the contraption.

To the left of the platform you landed on, you’ll find your first Mandibug. They’ll run at you pretty fast but if you groundpound on them before they notice you, you’ll be safe! The button is then to the left of the Mandibug, you need to groundpound it to activate the windmill. You’ll notice below you that there are some more Mandibugs; you don’t have to fight those but you can if you want.

Mandibug Mini Boss

When you’re ready, take the windmill platform up to the top of the Observatory tower to face the Mandibug Mini Boss. Firstly you’ll need to jump and ground pound the baby Mandibug. This will make the parent Mandibug very angry. The bigger Mandibug will now run at you faster and this may make it trickier to groundpound it. You can easily dodge its attacks though, as the Mandibugs can’t move sideways and only charge forwards.

When you’ve defeated it, you’ll earn a Power Star.

(1 of 2) When you stomp on the baby Mandibug, the parent will be very angry

When you stomp on the baby Mandibug, the parent will be very angry (left), but once you’ve defeat the parent, you’ll earn a Power Star. (right)

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