Cataquack to the Skies is the second level in Gold Leaf Galaxy. In this level, you’ll also have access to the hidden star, The Bell on the Big Tree.


Firstly, you’ll need to use the cataquacks to help you progress off of the starting planet. At the top of the hill, you’ll find a penned cataquack. When you run up to a cataquack it’ll launch you into the air. They will also chase you and this is important to remember as later on you can lure them around so they’ll launch you where you need it.

The cataquack on the top of the path will launch you into a sling star and that’ll then take you over to the second half of this planet, where you’ll find more cataquacks in a pen. Before you take a second cataquack, quickly grab the Bee Mushroom on the lilypad. Use the cataquack to jump up then fly a little to reach the higher platform. Run down the ledge and jump down onto a hidden platform where you’ll find a Launch Star that’ll take you to the next planet.

In this next area, you’ll lose your Bee Mario form as you’ll land in a puddle of water. Here, you’ll also need to grab the attention of the cataquack and get it to chase you to the otherside of the planet. When he launches you from the flat section of the spherical planet, you’ll be able to get on to the next planet.

Use the cataquacks to jump from planet to planet.

Maze Planet

On this next planet, you’ll need to lure yet another cataquack. This time the planet resembles a maze that you’ll need to navigate with the cataquack on your tail. There are a few wooden crates that you’ll need to destroy so that the path is clear. You need to guide the cataquack to the side of the planet that has a slightly raised wooden platform. When you reach the right area, get the cataquack to launch you over to the next area.

Once again, you’ll need to guide a cataquack. This time, there are multiple cataquacks and you’ll need to guide one to the edge of the wooden platform where you’ll find a Launch Star.

Fly up the Jenga Tower

You’ll land on the bottomside of a planet from the Launch Star. Head up to the planet, you can quickly defeat the Octoguys for a few extra star bits, then make your way to the topside. When you’re at the top, you’ll find an undergrunt and a cataquack. It’ll be easier if you defeat the undergrunt first, so groundpound in its vicinity and then jump on him when he’s stunned. Then, lead the cataquack to the small grassy mound and use it to jump and grab the Bee Mushroom. After you’ve become Bee Mario, take the cataquack back to the Jenga Tower and use it to launch you up and then fly the rest of the way to reach the top.

Once again, utilise the cataquack to jump high!

Jump the Flowers

Finally, you’ll need to fly between the flowers to get to the Power Star on the last flower. Watch out for the bugs as they’ll be hostile to Bee Mario!

Fly across the flowers to reach the Power Star.

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