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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Comet Star: Purple Coins in the Desert

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on how to grab all 100 Purple Coins in Purple Coins in the Desert in Dusty Dune Galaxy. The level is only available when there is a Purple Comet in orbit, and this can only occur once you’ve completed The Fate of the Universe.

Collecting all 100 Purple Coins

You’ll begin on a platform with a hole that leads to the otherside of the planet. Before heading into the hole, grab the 5 coins around the edge, then grab the 1 extra coin on the inside of the tunnel to the other side.

When you pop up on the otherside of the planet, you’ll come up to a series of tornados on a path across the quick sand. There are 3 coins between the first two tornados. Then there are another 3 coins near the third tornado. Jump into the third tornado and use it to spin up into the air so you can grab the 3 coins in the sky that are nearer to the first and second tornado. It’s easier to use the third tornado to reach them as the tornado is on a step higher and thus can launch you higher into the sky. Head back to the third tornado again and use it to grab the other 3 coins across the sand on the otherside of the tornados.

When you land on the otherside, head over to the Thwomp and run under it to grab 4 extra Purple Coins. There are also 3 more to the left of the Thwomp that you can backflip for. There are also 3 more hidden coins directly above the Thwomp. These are definitely easily missed! To get up there, backflip then wall jump against the Thwomp when it’s down and then spin to get to the top of the Thwomp.

The coins atop the thwomp are easily missed!

Head onto the platform near the Thwomp and you can grab another 4 coins. Then, jump over to the moving platform that goes across the quicksand, and pick up another 5 Purple Coins. From here, there are 3 more coins near the Drybones and then use the tornado to grab another 3 in the sky. You can tell where floating Purple Coins are by looking out for circular shadows.

Now, jump over to the platform with a hole to the otherside of the planet. Before you head into the tunnel, grab the 3 coins on the outer edge. Then head through the tunnel and backflip half way through it to grab 1 extra Purple Coin. At this stage you should have 47/100 coins. Nearly half way!

On the otherside of the hole, you can also grab another 1 coin if you perform a backflip or triple jump. Before going towards the tornados, you’ll notice that there is a large sand platform in the center of the quicksand. There are 5 Purple Coins on the path to the center and then 1 extra in the center, which you can quickly grab before heading back towards the tornados.

Near the tornado on the higher platform to the right of the toad, you can find another 4 coins. Then, use the tornado to grab 2 more Purple Coins above the tornado. Fall back into the tornado again and wait till it reaches the edge of the platform, then spin to fly towards the sandy center again where you can grab 3 more in the sky. Make sure you reach a platform or pathway before you lose your flight as if you get caught in the quicksand you’ll lose a life and need to begin the collecting all over again! After collecting those coins in the air, you should have 64/100 coins.

(1 of 2) Use the tornados to your advantage

Use the tornados to your advantage (left), by launching yourself into the air to grab coins in the sky! (right)

On the platforms with the tornados, you can collect 6 more coins on the ground. On the second higher ledge, you can use the tornado to pick up another 2 coins. Then, use the tornado closest to the platform with the hole to grab another 3 more Purple Coins as you fly across to the tunnel to the otherside. On the otherside of the hole, you can find 4 more around the edges. Up ahead, you’ll spot two tornados moving across a path. Run through them to grab 5 more coins, then use them to grab 6 coins found in the sky on either side of the path.

Now, before you jump up to the top of the sandstone structure, grab the 3 coins around the base, including one that you’ll need to backflip for. Jump up the sandstone structure and collect the 1 coin on the first step. Then when you reach the button, before you groundpound it, backflip to grab a coin above the button. Before you groundpound the button, you should have 95/100 Purple Coins.

When you groundpound the button, the sandstone structure will pop up on the otherside of the planet. Make your way back to the otherside of the planet towards the sandy platform at the center. When you reach the top of the sandstone structure, you should be able to collect the final 5 coins bringing your total to 100/100. This spawn in a Power Star at the base of the structure.

You only have a certain amount of time to grab the final 5 Purple Coins up the sandstone structure.

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