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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Galaxy Overview

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers an overview of the Sea Slide Galaxy. This galaxy is found in the Engine dome and requires you to have 36 Power Stars to unlock.

Going after Guppy

The goal of this level is to follow Guppy the orca around the course. The whole galaxy consists of a circuit like area that will loop around. Guppy will leave behind eight rings that you need to swim through. Swimming through all of them will make Guppy give you the Power Star.


  • Guppy - Guppy isn’t an enemy per say but is your main obstacle in this level. You need to prove your worth to him by following him as he swims through the course and pass through the rings he leaves - Making him hand over the Power star.

  • Whirlpools - These are hazards you will find as you’re submerged in the water and will be pushed around by these underwater twisters. These will only serve to inconvenience you.

  • Gringills - Gringills are giant eels that wont chase after you but will bite at you if you cross their path. They can be defeated by throwing a shell at them.

  • Urchin - The Urchins are spiky sea creatures that will damage you if you touch them. You can’t defeat them by jumping on them or spin attacking them.

You’ll need to keep up with Guppy if you want the Power Star!

Faster than a Speeding Penguin

During this level you’ll need to compete in the penguin race and win to gain the Power Star. Speak to the red penguin to sign yourself up for the race and after you agree, you’ll be warped to the water and the race will begin.

To gain the upper hand and maintain the advantage, you should go for the shells that will be placed along the course. Not only do they make swimming easier and help you keep up with the penguins, the shells can be thrown at the penguins and tempoarily stun them. There are also boost rings placed on the course which you can use to secure your victory.

You can speed up your swimming by spinning!

You will need to come first to get the star. If you don’t you will end up losing a life.


  • Whirlpools
  • Gringills
  • Urchins

The Silver Stars of Sea Slide

The objective of this level is collect five Silver Stars that are placed in different areas of the galaxy.

Bee Mario

Throughout the level you’ll have access to the Bee Mushroom, which you’ll need to use to get to certain spots in the galaxy to get the Silver Stars. The Bee Mushroom will give you the ability to fly for a short period of time and stand on moving clouds. Bee Mario’s power will wear off if you touch water and considering this is the Sea Slide Galaxy it’s best to proceed with some caution.

Bee Mario will be light enough to walk on clouds!


  • Koopa Troopa - Koopa Troopa will be slow moving enemies that can damage you if you touch them. They can be easily defeated by jumping on them and you can now use their shells to help you traverse through the water and open any chests in the area.

  • Spranglers - Spranglers are spider-like enemies that will be hanging from the trees and branches. They’ll swing at you in an attempt to damage Mario. They can be defeated by jumping on them or by hitting them twice with Mario’s spin attack.

  • Crabbers - Crabbers are tough enemies that cannot be defeated by a direct spin attack due to their hard shells. To defeat them you have to spin attack their rear ends. The red Crabbers will give you Star Bits when you defeat them and the cyan Crabber will actually give you a 1-Up Mushroom after defeating them.

  • Petapeta - Petapeta is an enemy that resembles a sack with legs and sandles attached. They are only visible when Mario stands still and can only be defeated by throwing at a shell at them.

  • Slurples - Slurples are small enemies that will bounce around and latch onto you. They will slow your movements but they can be easily dealt with by using your spin attack. A spin attack with fling them off Mario and defeat them. They will be defeated if you spin attack as they try and latch onto you.

Other Enemies

  • Urchins

Underwater Cosmic Mario Race

Like the title suggests, the goal of this level is to beat Cosmic Mario in another race. The race will begin on the island you land on and you will have to rush into the water and head to island with the tower. The Power Star will be behind the tower and you’ll have to reach it before Cosmic Mario.


  • Cosmic Mario - Cosmic Mario shares a lot of similarities with Mario in terms of shape and ability. Everything you have to your disposal, Cosmic Mario has too. Cosmic Mario cannot be defeated in your typical manner. To defeat Cosmic Mario you will need to reach the Power Star at the end of the level before him. Therefore it is best to utlize the shells and ring boosts available to you as race underwater.

The only way to defeat Cosmic Mario is in a race!

Hidden Star: Hurry, He’s Hungry

This hidden star is found within The Silver Stars of Sea Slide. The goal of this hidden star is to feed the Hungry Luma next to the cannon and then shoot yourself onto the new planet. Once you land on the new planet, you have to collect all the music notes on the planet of shrinking tiles. When all notes are obtained the black hole at the center of the new planet will turn into a Power Star.

The enemies will be the same ones found in The Silver Stars of Sea Slide.


  • Spranglers
  • Crabbers
  • Petapeta
  • Slurples
  • Urchins

You need to get all the notes on the shrinking tiles without falling into the black hole!

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