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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Galaxy Overview

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page is an overview of Dreadnought Galaxy in the Garden dome. To unlock this galaxyy, you’ll need to have already collected 48 stars.

Infiltrating the Dreadnought

The goal of this level is to break into the Dreadnought but you’ll need to watch out for the Eye Beamers that are “keeping an eye out”!


  • Jump Beamers - The Jump Beamer will let out lots of circle laser beams that Mario will need to jump over in order to avoid getting hit. You will need to jump on the Jump Beamer’s head to utilise its spring, so you cannot defeat or damage it.

  • Goombeetles - Goombeetles are Goombas who have helmets and therefore cannot be defeated by jumping on their heads. They will still head towards you like any regular Goomba but you will have to spin attack them and then kick them off into space.

  • Amps - Amps are hazardous electrical orbs that will damage you if you touch them. This amp is found on the first layer of rotating platforms.

  • Eye Beamers - Eye Beamers are ominous looking eyeballs that shoot out lasers that will burn you upon impact.

The Eye Beamers can be used as moving platforms to help you reach other places.

  • Cannonballs - The Cannonballs aren’t alive, but there’s enough of them that they’re a bit of a threat! They won’t lock onto you, so you can easily just avoid them or jump on top of them to destroy them.

  • Bob-ombs - Bob-ombs will explode 10 seconds after you’ve picked them up. You can throw them at things to blow them up. Walking Bob-ombs will begin their timer when they spot you. They’ll try to walk towards you to harm you. You can still pick them up and use them to explode things, though.

  • Spring Topmen - Spring Topmen are Topmen with Springs that you can use to jump to higher places.

  • Goombas - Goombas will simply run at you and try to damage you by touching Mario. To defeat them, spin attack them then run at them to kick them away, or just jump on their head.

  • Bullet Bills - The Bullet Bills will lock onto you like a homing missile and fly towards you if they spot you. Guiding them into obstacles will make them explode.

  • Micro Mecha-Bowsers - Micro Mecha-Bowsers are metallic mini Bowser toys. They will shoot fire out at you. To defeat them, you’ll need to perform a groundpound on their heads.

Dreadnought’s Colossal Cannons

During this level, you’ll need to perform an array of activities to reach the power star. One of which includes riding a platform past cannonball blasters and electric rails!

New Enemies

  • Electric rails - In this level, you’ll need to avoid the electric rails by jumping over them. If you hit one, you’ll be electrocuted and take damage.

  • Floating Mines - Floating Mines will explode and damage you upon impact, so make sure to steer clear of them!

  • Mini Wanwan - Mini Wanwans are essentially smaller chomps. They act like chomps and will bite you if you get in their way!

Wanwan will spawn from there little houses and wont stop until you flip all the switches!

  • Octopi - The Octopi in this level will throw coconuts at you. You can spin attack the coconuts so that they fly back at the octopi.

  • Thwomp - Thwomps will crush you and take away a whole life if you’re caught beneath them. Make sure to either run beneath them quickly or jump above them to avoid being squashed.

Other Enemies

  • Bob-ombs
  • Cannonballs
  • Jump Beamers
  • Goombas

Revenge of the Topman Tribe

During this level, you’ll need to defeat the Topmaniac (again!) to earn a Power Star. This fight is very similar to the fight in Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty!

New Enemies

  • Ring Beamers - Ring Beamers shoot out ring beams that you’ll need to jump over. Unlike Jump Beamers, you can’t jump on its head for a jump boost.

  • Montys - Monty Moles will throw spanners at Mario and retreat quickly underground when you approach. You won’t be able to jump on their heads, instead, you’ll want to either shoot them with some Star Bits or groundpound close to them to make them dizzy and then you can jump on them.

  • Topminis - Topminis are mini topmen that are more annoying than anything. They can’t damage you directly, but they will try to push you into electrical rails.

  • Spiky Topmen - Spikey Topmen will attempt to push you into electric barriers by spinning into you. You can’t defeat these enemies by jumping on them as they have a defensive spike on their heads that will damage you. Instead, you’ll need to spin them into electric barriers to defeat them.

You can knock the Spikey Topman by spin attack or shooting a Star Bit.

Other Enemies

  • Spring Topmen
  • Cannonballs
  • Floating Mines

Boss Enemy - Topmaniac

When you get into the arena, Topmaniac will descend and spawn two Spikey Topmen. Topmaniac will begin to start spinning with with blades and that’ll hurt if you touch them. You need to make Topmaniac vulnerable by jumping on him so that he retracts his blades.

Touching Topmaniac’s blades will inflict damage on Mario so jump on him to make him retract them.

Once that’s done you need to spin attack Topmaniac into the circling electric rails to inflict damage. You will need to do this a total of three times. After the third hit into the electrical rails Topmaniac will be defeated.

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