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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Pull Star Path

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough of the Pull Star Path Power Star in Space Junk Galaxy. This is first galaxy available in the Fountain dome, which will be unlocked when you obtain the Grand Star from the Terrace dome.

Journey across the chasm

You will start off on a platform where you will see a prism shaped glass planet in front of you. There are Star Bits on the underside of the platform you start on and can be easily collected by just walking. To get to the prism planet you need to use the Pull Star which you can simply tap on if you’re in handheld or aim at the Pull Star with your cursor and press A. Using your spin attack will release from the Pull Star’s field and you will be fall to the prism planet.

Follow the trail of Pull Stars. Be careful not to drift off into space!

Ahead will then be a trail of Pull Stars which you will need to use to pull yourself across to the next location. Where you will then find yourself at the three spherical glass planets.

Collecting Star Chips

After pulling yourself through space you will find yourself three glass planets five Star Chips scattered across them. You will need to collect all five pieces to use the Launch Star. Be wary of the Big Amps on the surface of the planet when searching for pieces.

The Star Pieces will be easy to locate.

Pulling through the Galaxy

You will land on a rocket shaped planet where you can collect Star Bits and Coins. Carrying on with the theme of Pull Stars, you then need to pull yourself with the Blue Star planets which will then be followed by more Pull Stars that you’ll use to move around astroids.

Freeing the crystalized Toads

You’ll make your way onto the T shaped planet that resembles a tower. It is also where you’ll encounter Spoings. They wont run at you to attack and their movements only consist of jumping up and down. You deal with them by using your spin attack or by going around them.

Free the Toads by using your spin attack!

Keep following the path and you will find yourself on a platform that has a number of Toads trapped in crystal. When you free the Toads the Starshroom will appear. It’ll have a Sling Star on top of the ship that will take you to the Assembly Block Area.

Collecting the Silver Stars

As you walk off the platform, the surrounding blocks will converge and create a path for you to walk on as you move around. There a five Silver Stars in the area and you need to collect them all to make the Power Star appear.

Once you have all five, the Power Star will appear on the platform you started on when entering the Assembly Block Area. You simply need to head back to the platform and take it.

(1 of 4) There a five Silver Stars scattered in the area

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