This page offers a guide on grabbing the Shine Sprite in Episode 1 of Sirena Beach. This area is accessed via the pipe on the roof of the house at the Plaza Square once you’ve cleared Episode 4 of Pinna Park and defeated Shadow Mario back in Delfino Plaza.

Searching the hotel

With the hotel now restored, entry is now possible so head up the main stairs and to the entrance speak to the manager, agreeing to help him with his current predicament. Upon entry, you’ll notice that the entire hotel is covered in Boos but you can defeat them by spraying them with FLUDD.

This isn’t you objective however, instead, look for the pink platforms that materialize when shooting the Pink Boos and you can climb to the next floor up. Repeat this again for the next floor and you’ll spot a large golden statue with it’s mouth open, make use of a Somersault Jump and then hover into it to be whisked off to another secret area.

(1 of 2) Spray the Pink Boos to create platforms

Spray the Pink Boos to create platforms (left), then use them to reach the golden Boo statue’s mouth on the top floor. (right)

Path to the Shine Sprite

Begin by running to the end of this first path and using a Somersault Jump to reach the path above. You’ll spot flying enemies here, so time your jump and use them to get across the numerous gaps. You’ll come aross two columns of bricks here so break the left one first and then use Spin Jumps to continue breaking the other bricks, using Wall Kicks after to reach the top.

You have a choice of two paths here, opt for the left one and quickly run across them, noting that these Sand Blocks will disappear shortly after stepping on them. You’ll next reach a row of Watermelon Blocks, use a Ground Pound on each of them to cause a 1-Up Mushroom to appear. Drop down to the wheel and time your running on it to help you cross over to the Sand Pyramid where the Shine awaits at last.

(1 of 6) Make your way across using these enemies as an aid

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