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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Episode 6: The Shell's Secret

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on grabbing the Shine Sprite in Episode 6 of Noki Bay. This area is accessed by looking into the sun near the Shine Gate once you’ve collected 20 Shines back in Delfino Plaza.

Accessing the Shell

As you may have noticed from the Course opening screen, there’s a giant shell that’s appeared in Noki Bay and it holds a secret for you. Start by heading up the nearby platforms and begin crossing the first rope, jumping to avoid the Wire Traps in the process.

Continue follow the ropes up, jumping on them to gain height to reach the next one (while using the Hover Nozzle to help you keep control) and eventually, you’ll reach one with a red Wire Trap. Bounce high here to reach the rope overhead and then make your way into the opening at the top of the shell.

(1 of 2) Bounce on the ropes to gain height and work your way to the top

Bounce on the ropes to gain height and work your way to the top (left), where you’ll find the entrance tot he shell. (right)

Path to the Shine Sprite

Once again, you’ll find yourself in a secret Course as Shadow Mario steals the FLUDD from you again. Begin by using Wall Kicks to escape your confined starting area and then press forward to find two platforms rotating in different directions. The next jump is tricky, wait for the platform to come back out and then jump off the nearby wall to gain height to reach the new platform. Jump over to the non moving platform and then across the next two.

Head around the corner and climb the wooden pole to reach the next platform and then walk across the rope to the end, bouncing here to reach the next platform. You’ll need to perform a Side Somersault to reach the next platform and then kick of the wall to gain the height for the next. Another tricky jump awaits you next, you’ll need to kick off both walls to reach the higher platform.

(1 of 7) Use Wall Kicks to escape this confined area

You’ll need to make your way across two sets of rotating blocks next, with the second one faster, try to stay on the top of it to avoid falling. Rotating cogs are up next so jump onto the bottom and then time Side Somersaults as you make your way up to the top of this cog tower where you can jump over to the next wooden platform. One final rotating block awaits you here, time your jump onto the platform and then head up it to make the final jump, pocketing another Shine.

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