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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

100 Coins in Rainbow Ride

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts
Total Coins Coins from Enemies
146 22

This is the final 100-coin star and it’s definitely a doozy, as one wrong step can mean losing a life and starting all over. You will be going in between the areas, which can be dangerous, but it is necessary. Once you have 100 coins, it’s best to quickly grab one of the normal stars after saving it. Note that there are six Blue Coins from the Blue Coin Block, but five of them are on the higher ledge you reach via Wall Jumping. You should practice this bit a few times until you have it down good, as the Blue Coins definitely help a lot with the 100-coin star. When you begin, you should look around and see the pole leading to the area with the swinging platforms. You can Long Jump over to the pole easily from the starting platform, so go ahead and do that.

(1 of 2) You can get some coins on the swinging platforms

You can get some coins on the swinging platforms (left), You don’t have a lot of time to get to the Blue Coins at the top of the maze (right)

At the base of the pole, you will notice a Fly Guy buzzing around, so take it out for two coins and collect the five others sitting on the lowest step here (7). Do not worry if one or both of the Fly Guy’s coins fall off the platform. Head to the first swinging platform, where you will see five coins in a vertical line in the middle (12). Keep moving in the same direction and when you get to the two sets of donut blocks at the far end, there will be two coins on each of those sets (16). It’s best to keep jumping to stop the donut blocks from falling.

Jump up the donut blocks and head past the flamethrower, to the slope with the tiny ledges. You will find a Goomba here, so stomp it for another coin (17). A little further ahead is another sloped platform, with a set of donut blocks on either side; there will be five coins here (22). That’s all the coins in this area, so you will need to jump over to the area with the pole, then climb up it. From there, Long Jump back to the starting platform and take the flying carpet, stopping on the platform along the way to collect the eight coins (30). You should now be at the four spinning platforms.

A Lakitu will be present, annoying you with Spinies, but you can defeat it to spawn five coins (35). Note that the coins from the Lakitu will fly all over the place and some of them might fall off the edge, so you won’t be able to get them. There are also two sets of eight coins each on these spinning platforms, so that’s another nice set of coins (51). Head on over to the maze area and blow up the two Bob-Ombs on the ground for another two coins (53). Now the fun part is the Blue Coin Block on the far end of the maze. Hitting it will spawn a single Blue Coin against the wall, but the remaining ones are at the top of the maze, but the despawn timer is pretty short, so you have to get up there in one go.

While the ones above aren’t needed, they certainly help a lot and limit the places you have to go for extra coins. All in all, you can get a total of six Blue Coins from the Blue Coin Block (83). It’s now time to head inside the maze and collect all eight of the Red Coins, inching you ever closer to the coins needed for the star (99). Return to the spinning platforms now and take the only path you didn’t before, which is the flying carpet. While on it, you will collect two more coins (101). When you get to the split, take the carpet that goes to the big house in the sky.

(1 of 2) There are a number of coins on the flying ship

There are a number of coins on the flying ship (left), Defeating the Chuckya can get you five coins (right)

As soon as you start moving, jump on the first set of donut blocks and grab the three coins above it (104). On this magic carpet ride, you will collect a bunch more coins, including five inside the house, five on the platform just after the one with the Amp, and five more right before entering the house the second time (119). You will end up on the roof of the house and if you still don’t have enough coins, you will still be able to continue. Facing the front of the house, you will automatically slide down the slope, so do that and hold forward the entire time. If done right, you should land on top of the maze. If you need health, there is a spinning heart on one of the spinning platforms.

Double back to the flying carpet and take it again, this time opting for the right one that brings you to the flying ship; there are no coins on this carpet ride. Upon reaching the flying ship, you will have two Bob-Ombs and another Lakitu (126). There will also be eight coins sitting around the pole on the ship (134). That should be more than enough now to get the star, but if not, then blast yourself to the platform with the Chuckya for another five coins (139).

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