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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Bouncing Down Cake Lane

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


Bouncing Down Cake Lane is the third main level of Toy Time Galaxy.

Wall Jumping Up the Cakes

After you’ve arrived on the starting planet, take a train to the right and spin into the Star Launcher. The Star Launcher will take you over to a platform beneath two large cakes. You’ll need to grab the Spring Mushroom and wall jump up the cakes!

When you’ve reached the top, head to the right where you’ll need to jump down onto a conveyor belt that has tall chocolate walls. You’ll need to use your Springy jumps to get over the walls whilst also trying to make progress along the conveyor belt without falling off of it.

Use your Spring form to wall jump up the cakes!

Spinning Cake

When you jump down from the chocolatey conveyor belt, you’ll need to use your Spring form to jump around the Spinning Cake to behind the Chocolate wall. This is easier said than done as there are cutlery obstacles and wedges missing from the cake. When you get to behind the Chocolate wall, you’ll find a Sling Star that’ll take you over to an ice cream cone.

Ice Cream Jump

When you land on the tip of the ice cream cone, make your way up to the ice cream. From here you can either jump from popsicle stick to popsicle stick, or you can wall jump up the first two popsicles and then you can jump across the top of the icy treats. The latter option gives you a little more control but you’ll have a long way down to jump to the spinning lollipops.

Jumping on the tops of the popsicles might be easier for some players!

When you’re on the lollipops, watch out for the Ring Beamer who will shoot out lots of lasers at you that you’ll need to jump over. You’ll need ot jump from the lollipop to the icy platform. Watch out though as it’s very slippy and you might just slide off if you don’t control yourself! You’ll then need to jump across a series of thin ice platforms whilst avoiding the electrogoombas! This is no easy feat, but once you’re safe across head into the orange cannon. From here you can blast yourself into a Star Launcher that will take you over to the big birthday cake!

Blow Out the Candles

When you reach the big birthday cake, you’ll need to blow out all of the candles by spin attacking their flames. When you do so, a Star Launcher will spawn at the top of the cake. Before you take the Star Launcher, you could spend a little time collecting some Star Bits and coins if you need them.

Spin attack the candle flames to put them out.

Undergrunt Gunner Boss

This Undergrunt Gunner boss fight is a very similar fight to the When it Rains, it Pours boss fight in Gold Leaf Galaxy. This time though, you’ll need to use a Spring Mushroom to jump up onto the Gunner’s machine rather than fly over to it like in the Gold Leaf Galaxy boss fight. This is straightforward enough, but watch out for the flame shooters and the Gunner’s flaming cannonballs. When you’ve reached the Gunner’s machine, groundpound the glass casing to damage him. You’ll need to do this three times to defeat him for good. After the second hit, he will become very angry and shoot out cannon balls faster so be careful!

When he is defeated, a Power Star will spawn at the top of the balloon jar!

(1 of 2) Using a Spring mushroom, you’ll need to jump up onto the gunner to damage him

Using a Spring mushroom, you’ll need to jump up onto the gunner to damage him (left), do this three times to earn a Star! (right)

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