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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Gizmos, Gears, and Gadgets

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This level is available once you have access to the Planet of Trials, which is unlocked by collecting the three Green Stars in levels Luigi under the Saucer, The Secret of Buoy Base and Treasure of the Pyramid. This level is found within Rolling Gizmo Galaxy.

Rolling on the Star Ball

As you have done in previous levels, such as Rolling in the Clouds, you will need to use motion controls to move the ball around. You can do this in handheld or docked; if you choose to play handheld then you’ll need to tilt the whole Switch console and if you’re using the Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller whilst the Switch is docked, then you tilt and move around with those instead. You can also jump by pressing A/B. You can also brake whilst rolling and bring the ball to a fairly quick stop if you tilt your controller/console inwards (or towards you).

This level has a lot of tricky areas, so you need to become familiar with how sensitive your controller or Switch is. The amount you tilt your controller or console forwards will determine how fast Mario and the ball go. In this level, you’ll really need to take your time and only tilt the ball ever so slightly to make your way across narrow platforms and tricky corners.

First off, you’ll need to navigate the ball across a narrow zig-zag path. This will require a lot of precision. When you get to the corners, you can jump across the zig-zag parts if you’re feeling confident. This can sometimes be easier than trying to move the ball around tight corners, so do whatever you feels best to you. You might also want to get to the second corner of the zig-zag so you can grab the 1-Up Mushroom - this level might take a few goes!

The Zig-Zag path is definitely tricky to navigate!

Smash the Concrete Blocks

Once you’re across that awful zig-zag path, you’ll need to build a bit of speed up the ramp towards the concrete blocks. By going faster and jumping into the blocks, you’ll smash them and clear the path ahead. Smash the two blocks on the left side of this platform and then build up some speed and jump against the wall in front. This will cause the wall to fall and become a bridge over to a new platform.

Make your way over to the other platform and fall into the hole. This hole will launch you over to a a sloping platform covered in coins. Fall down the hole in this other platform and your ball will drop onto a set of rails that will lead you over to the next area. Be careful! These rails build up a lot of speed and you’ll definitely want to brake by tilting upwards when you reach the next area, so that you don’t fall off.

Spinning Bridge

Once you’ve safely landed on the next platform, you’ll need to head over the north ledge and prepare to roll over the bridge to the next section. The bridge will spin around periodically, meaning you’ll need to wait for the bridge and the ledge to line up so you can roll on over it. When you reach the yellow cog, you can either jump over or wait for the orange cog to line up with the one you’re standing on.

Make sure you time when you try to get on the bridge otherwise you’ll just fall off.

From there, you need to make your way over to the red platform to the north east of the orange cog. Again, you’ll need to time this right as there’s a large metal block that moves and blocks the red platform. You’ll need to wait for an opening and then roll quickly over the narrow bridge that takes you over to another large orange cog, before the steel block moves back and pushes you off.

Bob-omb Cog

On this next cog, it’s best if you try to zoom over it as quick as possible. Lots of Bob-ombs will be forming in the center and the longer you’re on the cog, the more chance you have of being hit by an exploding Bob-omb. You need to roll over to the otherside of the cog and jump up onto the small yellow cog platform. If you get hit by a Bob-omb it isn’t an instant loss, but it does increase your chances of falling into a hole in the cog and losing a life that way.

Watch out for the Bob-ombs!

From the yellow cog, make your way across the bridge to the circular platform with the Goomba on it. Then, make your way down the red ramp to the left. This ramp will lead to another set of rails. You’ll then be subjected to a speedy journey across rails and speed boosts - don’t worry as you don’t have to do anything during this section. You could, however, grab the abundance of Star Bits that will spawn!

Rotating Steel Blocks

The final stretch of this level includes having to travel across a narrow path, whilst watching out for two large steel blocks that rotate around the path. You’ll need to use the final block to help you up onto the high platform at the end. Just wait for it to come back around and then roll onto it and let it take you up until you reach the ledge.

From there, you can roll straight into the finishing hole, and burst open the ball to reveal the Power Star! Climb up the pole behind the hole to grab the Star!

Once you get to the end, you’ll be able to access the Power Star once the ball explodes!

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