Total Coins Coins from Enemies
154 18

Upon beginning the stage, collect the Red Coin on top of the tree, then the five coins that lead into the chimney (7). You’ve already done the slide inside of the building, which means you know there’s a lot of coins in it. In fact, exactly half of the coins in the level will come from the slide itself, with the other half coming during the normal course. It’s best to do this without having the big penguin racing you, so do it on any other star than Big Penguin Race. You do not need all 77 coins in the slide, but you will probably want to get anywhere from 40-50, to be on the safe side (47-57).

Upon exiting the shack at the bottom of the mountain, collect the Red Coin on the nearby tree (49-59). Go to the opposite side and collect the other Red Coin at the edge of the map, then the Red Coin right before the warp (53-63). Take the warp back to the top of the mountain and begin slide down the main path, grabbing the 15 coins you come across along the way (68-78). Jump to the safe ground after the third set of coins, where you see the Blue Coin Block, which will yield two Blue Coins (78-88). Return to the main path and collect the five coins as you slide down into the area with the snowman on a pedestal (82-92).

(1 of 2) You will get a lot of easy coins in the slide

You will get a lot of easy coins in the slide (left), There are only two Blue Coins from the Blue Coin Block (right)

There will be a Spindrift in the lower section here, but you will want to punch or Ground Pound to defeat it, since you will hover in the air if you jump on it normally; Spindrifts yield three coins (85-95). Go on over to the ski lift and grab the slightly hidden Red Coin there, then cross the bridge with the two jumping Mr. Blizzards (87-97). Before going down the ramp, collect the Red Coin at the broken bridge (89-99). As you go down the ramp, a Mr. Blizzard will pop out of the ground. Run around it until it falls over for three coins, then take out the other Spindrift for another three coins (95-105).

At the bottom of the mountain, go into the cannon and launch yourself over to the area that leads to Wall Kicks Will Work. There will be two Spindrifts along the narrow ledge, so lure them closer to the wall to try and collect the six coins they will drop (101-111). Before Long Jumping to the last section here, there are eight more coins in the shape of an arrow (109-119). You may get the 100-coin star long before this, so if you do, you can just collect a normal star to finish up with this stage.

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