This page offers a walkthrough of the Painting the Planet Yellow Power Star in the Flipswitch Galaxy. This galaxy is available in Terrace dome once you have 7 power stars. The Flipswitch Galaxy is another small galaxy with only 1 power star.

Your goal is to turn all the 18 panels from blue to yellow by stepping on them. Once that is complete a Power Star will appear.


This section offers a list of enemies in this level.

  • Electric rails – Electric rails are the first hazard you will encounter and will be damaged if you touch them. You will need to avoid the electric rails by jumping over them or wait for an opening as they move around the platforms.

  • Spike Traps – Spike Traps are spiked platforms that move in a set pattern around the planet that can block you from flipping the Flipswitch Panels. You can jump on top of the traps to help you reach a certain panel without affecting other panels you might have already flipped. Just try to avoid the spikes on the sides.

  • Jump Beamer – Jump Beamer is a stationary enemy which will fire a laser in a circular pattern. You can avoid this by simply jumping over the laser as it approaches you but just be careful when attempting to multiple hazards at once. They can’t be destroyed and only act as an obstacle while you complete the puzzle.

The enemies in the Flipswitch Galaxy have a set pattern so it’s all down to timing!

To start you want to start heading towards the Jump Beamer fliping the panels from blue to yellow along the way. Be careful when backtracking as it will revert the panel to the previous colour if stepped on again.

After you have turned all the panels yellow on the first side head down to the right where you will see your first Spike Trap obstacle. You can see its set movement pattern by the distinct orange dotted line.

Be careful not to get hit by the Spiked Trap and knocked off the stage

You will then need to make your way left and jump across to the other side. You can make it by using the standard jump. From there you can move forward and begin flipping switches.

Tip: To avoid changing a panel colour stand on top of Spiked Traps or you can stand on the grey outline of a panel to avoid stepping on them and therefore stopping the panel changing colour unnecessarily.

When you have changed all the panels to yellow the panels will then turn green and deactivate all hazards on the planet. The Power Star will appear above the Jump Beamer who you will need to jump on to reach the only Power Star in this galaxy.

(1 of 2) You can now jump on the deactivated and harmless Jump Beamer

You can now jump on the deactivated and harmless Jump Beamer (left), which will get you the only Power Star in the Flipswitch Galaxy (right)

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