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Super Mario 3D All-Stars


Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

To get to this course, you will need to clear Bowser in the Fire Sea in the basement of the castle to get a key that opens the door in the main lobby. Go up the stairs to the next floor and look for the door that is flush with the wall, as that will lead you to the paintings for Tiny-Huge Island. Yes, paintings (plural) was said there, as there are two entry points for this course. The one across the door is nothing, but the two paintings on either side will dictate how you begin this course.

(1 of 2) Although they look the same distance at a glance

Although they look the same distance at a glance (left), each painting will allow you to enter their respective islands (right)

Although the paintings on the sides look to be the same distance, they are definitely deceptive. While facing the normal painting that isn’t a portal, the one to your left leads to the course with Mario being giant, while the one to your right leads to Mario being tiny. You’re not stuck in the course as either size, though, as there are pipes throughout the place that will reverse Mario’s stature. Apart from the sizes of things, both instances of the course are pretty much the same. You will begin in the same area, no matter your size, and there aren’t too many differences between the two.

Huge Island (Tiny Mario)

When you begin, you will be placed in a small area next to a stone wall, which has a doorway in it, as well as water on the one side. There will be three Grand Goombas near you, which are oversized versions of normal Goombas. The waters nearby will be inhabited by a Bubba, a giant fish that will attempt to swallow Mario whole when he’s small. There are two other landmasses in this initial area, but it’s impossible to reach them from this side, so you will have to drop down from above in order to reach them, or access them from Tiny Island. For now, head through the doorway and into a larger area with more water.

There is a small island in the center of this area that doesn’t really have anything but a wooden post on it. Beyond that island, there will be another Bubba, so be mindful of it. Also in this area will be a large slope that will contain a Koopa Troopa, plus you will have to contend with an enemy Lakitu that tosses Spinies down at you, as well as a Fly Guy. On the opposite end from where you entered, there will be more land, where you will find the cannon, as well as a few more enemies. Long Jump to the next platform, where some wind will begin blowing.

(1 of 2) Getting to this upper ledge can be tricky

Getting to this upper ledge can be tricky (left), and you might lose a few lives getting it right (right)

The higher platform can be a bit tricky to get to, as the wind is constantly trying to push you off the edge. You will want to Triple Jump to attempt to get to it, but if you get close enough, then an updraft should push you onto it. Shimmy along the thing wooden pathway to the next area, where you will happen upon one of those pipes that changes Mario’s size. Ignore it for now and carry on across the wooden plank, keeping in mind that there’s more wind here. The next section will have Big Steelies rolling down it, so avoid them and jump up to find the source of the Big Steelies.

Here, you will have two different ways to go, either up and straight past the Big Steelies generator. There, you will find a small area with more Goombas and if you’re doing Rematch with Koopa the Quick, then you will find him here. Double back and start heading upwards now, where you encounter another Goomba and on the next ledge, a Chuckya. Cross the next wooden pathway and at the end, should you look down, you will find a small area. Drop down and you will find a windy wooden pathway that leads into the mountain. Inside, there will be a series of platforms that contain the course’s Red Coins, as well as the Blue Coin Block.

Back outside and returning to before dropping down, if you continue upwards, you will come across a yellow block that contains a star. At the very top of the mountain is a pool of water, with a hole in it. You will need to come here as Giant Mario, Ground Pound the water, then return with Tiny Mario to go inside it, where you will find the mini-boss, Wiggler. Backtracking for one final time, right where the Big Steelies make the turn and roll down the hill, you can drop down to the lower area near the start, with the grassy platform housing some giant Piranha Plants.

(1 of 2) The various pipes allow you to go from one island to the other

The various pipes allow you to go from one island to the other (left), making it easier to get around the course (right)

Tiny Island (Huge Mario)

The general layout of the land is pretty much the same as Huge Island, although there may be some differences with the enemies and a few other things added. You will start out in the same area as Huge Island, except there will be a Micro Goomba here. Long Jump to the platform to the left, where there’s a Keronpa Ball and a yellow box containing a 1-Up. The platform a little further will have a pipe that shrinks Mario and if you head over the edge behind it, there will be a purple switch. This creates blocks that can be helpful in reaching the path the Big Steelies come down, as well as a floating island that will house a star under certain conditions.

However you get out of the first area, you should be close to the hole spitting out Big Steelies. If you go in the direction where Koopa the Quick will appear, you will be able to drop down into the main area of the course. There’s really not much here, but if you continue to the cannon, you will find the Bob-Omb Buddy there. The only other really big difference between the two courses is at the very top of the mountain. If you head up there as Giant Mario, you can perform a Ground Pound that will drain the little pool. Find a pipe to go back as Tiny Mario and you will be able to enter the hole, allowing you to going inside and fight the Wiggler.


  • Goombas: Depending on Mario’s size, they come in Grand and Micro varieties. Micro Goombas just run around and will knock back Mario if they run into him, dealing no damage. Grand Goombas will yield a single coin if you jump on them normally, unless defeated with a Ground Pound, in which they yield a Blue Coin.

  • Chuckya: - Found near the top of the mountain, you will only find the Chuckya on Huge Island. It’s nothing different than in previous courses, although the area in which you encounter it is not too large.

(1 of 2) Ground Pounding the Grand Goombas will yield a Blue Coin

Ground Pounding the Grand Goombas will yield a Blue Coin (left), while a normal jump will only get you a single yellow coin (right)

  • Lakitu: On Huge Island, you will find one on the other side of the first area. It will continually toss down Spinies that cannot be defeated and harm Mario on touch.

  • Fly Guy: There are a few Fly Guys on the course, but only Huge Island. They function the same as in the other courses you find them.

  • Koopa Troopas: There is one on the slope on the other side of the first area on Huge Island. Jumping on it will cause it to come out of its shell, meaning you can use its shell to ride. There is also another Koopa Troopa on Tiny Island, near where you encounter Koopa the Quick.

  • Piranha Flowers: This staple of the Mario franchise can be found near the starting area, next to the pipe on that side. There will be one in that location if you’re Giant Mario, and five of them if you’re Tiny Mario. They sprout out from the ground when you’re close and spit fire. A normal attack will finish them off.

  • Keronpa Balls: You will find these in random locations whenever you’re Giant Mario. There is also one by the Blue Coin Block inside the mountain with the Red Coins.

  • Bubbas: These large fish will be found swimming in the waters on Huge Island. If you happen to get near them, the Bubbas will make a beeline towards you and try to swallow Mario whole. You cannot harm them at all.

The Bubba will attempt to swallow Mario whole

1-Up Locations

  • Huge Island; In waters by start, near the Bubba

  • Huge Island; Collect the two coins at top of slope by Koopa Troopa

  • Huge Island; Climb the tree on a ledge above the slope with the Koopa Troopa

  • Huge Island; One of the butterflies by the same tree

  • Huge Island; In yellow box in valley with wind after cannon

  • Huge Island; One of the butterflies at fenced area near Koopa the Quick

  • Huge Island; On a pillar inside the Red Coin cave

  • Huge Island; On the piece of land left of starting point, in a yellow box

  • Tiny Island; On the piece of land left of starting point, in a yellow box

  • Tiny Island; From one of the butterflies on starting platform

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