This page offers a walkthrough for the level Rocky Road Power Star which is the only Power Star in the Sweet Sweet Galaxy. This Galaxy is available as soon as you get 7 stars and feed the Hungry Luma 400 Star Bits outside the Terrace dome. Once you have fed the Hungry Luma it will transform into a warp star and take you to the Sweet Sweet Galaxy.

The Conveyer belt

The majority of the level is made up of a conveyer belt and you have to reach the end to obtain the Power Star. You’ll want to head on the conveyer belt and follow the path. Proceed with caution as the conveyer belt has is not a simple path due to the different hazardous shaped holes and the electric rails.

Take care in where you step on Rocky Road’s conveyer belt!

Once you’ve cleared the first conveyer and make to a solid platoform belt you’ll be met with another path of conveyer belts but instead of moving towards you they will be moving left and right with electric rails along either side. Aim to keep in the middle whilst avoiding the larger holes in the floor.

Tip: Use Mario’s spin attack by pressing Y in the air to gain another small jump which could be the small difference you need to land safely!

The next path does not have electric rail hazards but makes up for it by being a winding path with larger holes. Because there are no electrical rails take extra care when jumping and don’t be afraid to hover in the same spot until the time is right. Try and collect as many star bits as you can along to get extra lives along with the 1-Up Mushroom you’ll find on the path. Extra lives can be invaluable on a level like this.

Sometimes it’s better to be patient and wait for the right moment!

The final path is understandably the most difficult. It’s best to collect all the available star bits before starting. Aim to jump of the electric rails when they hover above the start of a new platform to try and ensure you have something to land on when jumping over them.

Once you pass the electric rails the rest of the level is a piece of cake!

After that perilous journey, head towards the top of the cake to retrieve your Power Star. This is the only star in Sweet Sweet Galaxy.

(1 of 2) Victory is sweet

Victory is sweet (left), after you obtain the only star in Sweet Sweet Galaxy (right)

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