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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

100 Coins in Snowman's Land

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts
Total Coins Coins from Enemies
126 69

The 100 coin star in Snowman’s Land is pretty easy to get, despite the fact that some of the coins are a little annoying and out of the way to obtain. It’s probably best to do this in conjunction with Into the Igloo, since you will need to go inside to get enough coins for the 100 coin star anyway. At the start, head left and collect the two stray coins, then be prepared to defeat the Moneybags enemy that appears when you go for the third coin (7). Note that the coins from Moneybags will fly all over the place, so you might not be able to collect all five, but they will all be marked here.

(1 of 2) The coins from Moneybags will fly all over the place

The coins from Moneybags will fly all over the place (left), As usual, Ground Pound the Spindrifts to make the coins easier to grab (right)

There are three Spindrifts in the same area, with each of the dropping three coins (16). Remember that punching or Ground Pounding are the best option, as jumping on the Spindrifts will launch you into the air. Return to the beginning and go to the right this time, watching out for the Mr. Blizzard that pops up; run around it to get another three coins (19). You should be able to see another Spindrift on the nearby hill, so go after it, noting that the Fly Guy will probably join in the fun (24). As you continue, you will find a Red Coin by the tree with the warp, as well as another Spindrift (29).

Keep going in the same direction, past the Chill Bully and the frozen pond, to an open field area with a Red Coin and two more Spindrifts (37). There will be another Mr. Blizzard nearby, as well as a stray coin that is a Moneybags in disguise (45). Moving along, run to the freezing pond and take care of the two Spindrifts on land (51). The two other Spindrifts in the freezing waters aren’t needed, so they won’t be counted and you want to use the one to get to the upper ledge with the Koopa shell. With the shell, you can get four Red Coins on the upper area here, as well as another Mr. Blizzard (62).

If you still have the shell, go ahead and collect the final two Red Coins on the frozen pond underneath the Chill Bully (66). With that out of the way, head on over to the entrance of the igloo and collect the coins sitting on the slope, which is another eight (74). Slide into the igloo now, as you are more than enough coins now. At the entrance inside the igloo, you will find two Spindrifts, as well as a Goomba (81). Go to the back and get another Goomba, as well as three coins from the one yellow box next to the Bob-Omb Buddy (85).

There’s a lot of coins in the one ice wall inside the igloo

Head towards the corner with the Vanish Cap to encounter one final Spindrift, as well as another Goomba nearby (89). The last thing to do now is don the Vanish Cap and collect the coins inside the twenty coins inside the one ice wall, as well as the three stray coins near it (112).

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