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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Comet Star: Red-Hot Purple Coins

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on collecting all Purple Coins available in Red-Hot Purple Coins. This level is only available when there is a Purple Comet in orbit of Melty Molten Galaxy, and this will only occur once you’ve completed the main story.

Collecting All Purple Coins

In this first section, you’ll be able to easily find over a third of the 100 coins you need to collect. Before you start heading off onto the sinking platforms in the lava lake, you’ll be able to find 34 Purple Coins near where you begin. This includes coins found along the ground and across the lava ponds and fire springs. You’ll have to pull off some timed jumps and long jumps to grab some of the coins but none of them are too tricky.

In the starting area, you’ll find lots of easy-to-grab coins!

When you reach the first sinking platform, you’ll notice it resembles a see-saw. On the see-saw platform, you’ll find a total of 9 Purple Coins. Some of them will be under the platforms and just above the lava so you’ll need to deliberately make the platform sink low to grab them. On the next sinking platform, you’ll also need to let the platform sink to grab another 3 coins. On this next longer platform you’ll need to do the same and let it sink almost all the way to grab another 5 coins. Now, you’ll need to let it float back up before hopping onto the stone part of the platform and backflip spinning to grab 1 extra coin you might easily miss. On the side of this stone section of the sinking platform, you’ll also find 1 more coin. At this point, your total should be 53/100 Purple Coins.

From the shore area next to the long platform, you’ll need to long jump back over to some small sinking platforms to the left of the ones you just came from. On these you’ll find a further 2 coins. Then, head onto the larger stone pillar and grab the circle of 6 Purple Coins. Head right from here over a series of small sinking platforms over to the side of the large stone formation, where you’ll find a small wall jumping section. By the time you land near this wall jumping section, you’ll have picked up another 8 coins across the stepping stone platforms.

Along the wall jumping section, you’ll find another handful of coins. As you make your way up, you’ll need to time your jumps as you don’t want to get burned by the fire springs! 1 coin is around half way up, and then there’s another 3 at the top. For two of them, you’ll need to perform a tight jump upwards at the edge of the platform.

As you wall jump up, watch out for the fire!

After getting those coins, head back to the main section of this larger rock formation by heading back over the stepping stones and over onto the shore you were on before. Now head up the steps and grab 5 Purple Coins that are hovering above some fire springs. You’ll need to time your movements or you’ll get burned! Behind the row of fire springs is 1 extra Purple Coin. Next, you’ll need to groundpound the concrete block to lower a wall jumping structure. Here you’ll be able to grab 1 more coin, but watch out for the fire again! At this stage, you should have 80/100 coins.

When you’re at the top, head to the right and jump up onto the platform to grab 5 more Purple Coins. Next, carry on up the platforms to grab an additional 3 coins before jumping back down and picking up a further 3. Before you take the sling star just ahead, make sure you grab the 1 coin to the left of it. When you take the sling star, make sure you also spin through the second so that you fly into the volcano. Here you can pick up another 3 coins. Use the sling star in the volcano to take you back up and out. Instead of activating the second sling star, fall through it so you can pick up the final 3 coins and bring your total to 100/100. A Power Star will spawn at the top of the rock formation!

Grab all 100 Purple Coins and you’ll earn yourself a Power Star!

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