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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Star Bunnies in the Snow

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on the level Bunnies in the Wind, which is found in Snow Cap Galaxy. Snow Cap Galaxy is unlocked by feeding the Hungry Luma outside of the Garden dome 1,600 Star Bits! The Hungry Luma will only appear when you’ve completed The Sinking Lava Spire in Melty Molten Galaxy.

Catch the Star Bunnies

First off, you’ll land on a small glass planet. Head to the bottom of it to pick up a green shell that you can then throw at the chest on the top of the planet. A Sling Star will spawn and you can use that to take you over to the snowy planet.

When you arrive, the Star Bunnies will challenge you to catch them all in 150 seconds. At first you might feel a bit lost with where to begin when trying find them. Below, you can find a guide on where each bunny is hiding!

Bunny #1

First off, you’ll want to find all five flipswitches. There is one straight ahead of where you start, then there is one to the left in the snowy area. Use your star cursor to remove the snow to find it. The next one is also under the snow, but towards the bottom of the planet. Head around to the next snowy section and you’ll find the fourth under the snow. When you have those, head to the bottom of the planet and step on the final flip switch.

You’ll need to use your star cursor to get rid of the snow.

Behind the final flipswitch, the planet will open up and reveal a Fire Flower! Use this fire flower to shoot fire at the two snowmen. When you destroy the closest snowman to you, a bunny will appear! You’ll need to chase it and catch it before it counts!

Bunny #2

When you melt the second snowman, it will trigger the spawning of a green shell. Use this to smash open the chest at the top of the planet and a bunny will pop out!

Use the shell to burst open the chest to reveal a hiding Star Bunny.

Bunny #3

For the next bunny, locate the green sprout at the top of the planet, then head directly down into the snow and remove some snow to reveal a small crack in the ground. A bunny will pop out and you’ll need to chase it down.

When you catch all the bunnies within the allocated time, you’ll earn yourself a Power Star!

If you successfully catch all the bunnies, you’ll earn yourself a star!

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