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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Episode 3: Mysterious Hotel Delfino

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on grabbing the Shine Sprite in Episode 1 of Sirena Beach. This area is accessed via the pipe on the roof of the house at the Plaza Square once you’ve cleared Episode 4 of Pinna Park and defeated Shadow Mario back in Delfino Plaza.

Exploring the Hotel

This next episode takes place in Hotel Delfino once more, only this time, you’ll be exploring the entirety of it. Begin by heading to the entrance of the Hotel itself and speak to the manager to gain access to the lobby once more, much changed from the previous episode.

You should immediately spot a Yoshi egg on the left here and this is your first objective during this episode. The egg is looking for a Pineapple but as luck would have it, there’s none to be found here so you’ll need to go looking for one. Begin by heading to the bathroom to the left of the stairs and you’ll find water leaking from the ceiling of the furthest stall so leap up to break it and use a Spin Jump to reach an upstairs bedroom.

(1 of 2) You’ll immediately notice that the Yoshi Egg is seeking a Pineapple

You’ll immediately notice that the Yoshi Egg is seeking a Pineapple (left), begin your search in the left bathroom by using a Spin Jump here. (right)

Take a quick glance at the painting and then begin spraying it to cause an image of a Boo to appear, allowing you to simply leap through the painting to the other side. Head forward in this room and spray the closet on the left to cause another Boo to appear on the nearby wall, allowing you to pass through this one too.

Pink Boos will be fluttering around in this next room so spray them to create pink platforms allowing you to reach the next floor up and then once again, spray the closet to gain entrance to the next room. Look at the floor in this next room and you’ll see that one floor tile is a lighter than the others, Ground Pound this to find yourself in a new room below.

At long last, you’ll find a bunch of crates full of the Pineapples you’ve been desperately seeking. Ground Pound one, grab a Pineapple and then leave through the door, leaping to the ground floor to hand it over to the egg and hatch the Yoshi. Jump onto the Yoshi’s back and ride it up the stairs to the top floor where you’ll spot the Shine inside a glass room, the Pianta refusing to let you in.

(1 of 8) Spray the painting here and then cross through to the next room

Look to the left of this room to spot a vase and a room to the left of it, enter and jump onto the bed to reach the attic. Beware of the Boos here and use Yoshi’s Lick ability to eat them as you make your way to the southeast. The room will open up a little here and you’ll spot another floor tile you can Ground Pound, do so and you’ll find yourself in the room with the Shine, completing this Episode.

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