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Super Mario 3D All-Stars


Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

To get to this course, you will need to clear Bowser in the Fire Sea in the basement of the castle to get a key that opens the door in the main lobby. Go up the stairs to the next floor, then look for the next set of stairs to find a large door with a star on it. This requires 50 stars in order to open it, which leads to the final area of the game. There will be two higher platforms in the corners of this area, with two large openings. While facing the clock, you will want to head into the opening to your right and jump into the smaller hole to enter this course.

(1 of 2) Rainbow Ride is to the right of Tick Tock Clock

Rainbow Ride is to the right of Tick Tock Clock (left), Jump through the large hole to find a smaller one to enter (right)

Rainbow Ride is the final normal course in the game and can be one of the more challenging ones, since there is a high possibility of falling and losing a life. You will begin on a large platform, with a broken bridge and flying carpet in front of you. While flying on the carpets in this course (there’s more than one), if you get off of it for an extended period of time, it will eventually disappear but it will flash if it’s about to disappear. Ride this particular carpet past another platform and a flamethrower, where you will reach a series of four rotating platforms.

These four platforms will spin at differing speeds and there will also be a Lakitu bothering you by tossing Spinies. You will have three different ways to go from these spinning platforms, leading to three different areas. The area with the wooden fence has a pole you can slide down, bringing you to an area with a lot of different platforms. There are swings, donut blocks that fall if you stand on them too long, and “tricky triangles” that flip over with a purple switch. Note that there is a long platform underneath the one side, so it might catch you if you happen to fall.

Returning to the spinning platforms near the beginning and go towards the large structure. This is actually a maze and it houses the course’s Red Coins. There are a few ways to enter the maze, but there’s another thing you can do with the maze. If you head to the far size of it, on the ground, you will see a spinning heart and a Blue Coin Block. You will be able to wall jump between the two walls on this side of the maze to get on top of the actual maze (but not the whole structure), where you will find the Bob-Omb Buddy for this course. The cannon will be needed for one of the stars, so you will need to open it.

(1 of 2) The flying carpets will be one of the biggest things in this course

The flying carpets will be one of the biggest things in this course (left), The four spinning platforms are like the central hub (right)

The last path from the spinning platforms will take you to another flying carpet, which will take you on another ride through some obstacles. At the end of the ride, you will have to jump to one of two more flying carpets. With your other carpet moving towards the camera, the left one will take you to the big house in the sky. This trip is pretty long and there’s nothing of value inside the house, as you want the carpet to bring you to the roof, where a star awaits. There is a fireplace inside the house that spews a flamethrower, so you will need to be careful.

The right flying carpet at the split will end up taking you to the flying ship. Along the way, you will encounter a large platform that spins around, with two “arms” sticking out of it and a blue flamethrower coming out of the bottom point. You will have to jump over the arms a few times while you’re riding. There will be a few more obstacles, then you will be able to get on the ship. Note that it’s windy on the ship and on the one end, you will find the cannon. This cannon can be used to shoot yourself to a large platform, which contains a star.


  • Amps: Found in two places in the course, both on platforms you encounter during the carpet rides.

  • Keronpa Balls: Found in the maze with the Red Coins.

  • Lakitu: A Lakitu will be present by the spinning platforms, where it will try to toss Spinies at you. Another is found on the flying ship.

  • Bob-Ombs: There will be two of these on the ground level by the maze with the Red Coins, as well as a few on the flying ship.

  • Goomba: There’s a single Goomba found in the area with the swinging platforms, on the ledge with the slope that has tiny ledges.

The Lakitu in Rainbow Ride isn’t too much of a problem, but can be annoying

  • Fly Guy: Found at the base of the pole with the wooden fence around it.

  • Chuckya: There’s only one to be found, which is on the island you shoot yourself to for Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

1-Up Locations

  • Above one of the Tricky Triangles

  • Found in a yellow box underneath the swinging platforms

  • In a yellow box on top of the maze

  • Triggered while falling with the donut block on top of the maze

  • On second set of donut blocks immediately following taking carpet towards big house

  • In a yellow box on the roof of the big house

  • On spinning platform with the “arms” while on way to flying ship

  • On the tip of the flying ship, by the star

  • At the top of the pole on the flying ship

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