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Episode 5: The Runaway Ferris Wheel

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page is dedicated to The Runaway Ferris Wheel, which is the fifth episode in Pinna Park.

Climb up to the Ferris Wheel

First off you’ll need to make your way behind the tall tower with the ferris wheel on top. You can either follow the sand path up the tower and then jump off the ledge to get to the back, or you can go through the park, across the shallow pool and then head to the left and round.

When you get to the back of the tower, you’ll need to climb up the blue mesh wall on the right. As you’re climbing up spray water at the green mesh platforms to make them rotate. When you do this, you’ll be able to then climb up onto them and walk across to the next blue mesh wall. Do the same here and spray water at the green mesh platforms to rotate them. Once again, use these to walk across to the next blue mesh wall. Climb to the front side of the mesh wall and flip the flip panel using Y. Then use the flip panel above to get to the inside mesh wall. Then you climb to the right and press A to hit the Electrokoopa on the otherside of the wall away. Then head back onto the outside of the wall by using the two flip panels to your left, and perform the same attack to get rid of the other electrokoopa. Once you’ve defeated both of those koopas, you’ll be able to safely make your way across the outside mesh wall.

(1 of 2) and press A to punch koopas off the mesh.

and press A to punch koopas off the mesh. (left), Use your spray nozzle to rotate the green mesh platforms (right)

When you’ve reached the end of the mesh wall, you’ll need to spray the green mesh to move it so you can then climb up it. Don’t climb all the way up, instead let it move back to its original location and then climb onto the inside of the mesh wall and get rid of the electrokoopas. After they’re gone, you’ll be able to traverse the outside of the mesh wall to the top where you’ll then need to use a flip panel to reach the rope. Use the rope to then jump up to flip the flip panel above that will then launch the Koopa off the ferris wheel. Doing this will spawn in the Shine Sprite and you’ll be able to finish up this episode.

Jump up and launch the Koopa off the Ferris Wheel!


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