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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough for the Dreadnought’s Colassal Cannons Power Star in the Dreadnought Galaxy. This galaxy is found in the Garden dome at the top of the observatory.

Turning the Nuts and Bolts

First things first, you’ll land on a platform that has a big gap between the platform ahead. There is also a platform below you with Bomb-ombs and a 1-Up Mushroom in a cage. You can use the Bomb-ombs to get the 1-Up Mushroom. To get across the gap you’ll see nuts and bolts that will turn depending on where you stand on them. You need to have them turn clockwise so that they move closer to the platform ahead. Once you’re close enough to the next platform you can simply jump across or you can keep turning the nuts and bolts until you reach the platform.

The nuts and bolts need to be turned clockwise to move forward. Stepping in certain places will makes them turn anti-clockwise moving you backwards.

An Uphill Battle

You’ll be faced with an uphill obstacle that will have Mini Wanwan rolling down towards you and electric rails blocking your way. They are mini Chomps that will damage you on impact. To make your way through this platform you need to flip all the switches you have access to from blue to yellow by stepping on them. Stepping on a tile that’s been turned yellow will turn it back to blue. Once all the tiles have been switched to yellow, they’ll turn green and remove the first wall of electric rails.

Wanwan will spawn from there little houses and wont stop until you flip all the switches!

You need to do the same again with the next set of switches, but once you’ve done this the Wanwan will stop spawning and the rest of the electric rails will disappear.

Travelling on Nuts and Bolts

When you reach the top, you’ll see that there are two sets of nuts and bolts that you’ll need to use to get to the next platform. You make them move the same way by stepping in certain areas to make them clockwise and in turn forwards.

When you make it onto the second set of nuts and bolts, two Octopuses will spawn above the barrels. They will begin to shoot Coconuts at you which you can deflect back at them with your spin attack. It is best to deal with them quickly as they can shoot fireballs that can’t be relfected and will most likely cause you to fall.

You wont need to aim the coconuts back at the octopuses as a spin attack will cause the coconuts to home in on them!

Once you make it past them and reach the platform, you’ll see two ? Blocks. One will give Coins while the other Star Bits. Take the Launch Star at the end of the platform and it will take you to the next area.

Attacks from the Dreadnought

The Launch Star takes you alongside the Dreadnought, where you’ll need to ride a moving platform and avoid the Cannonballs getting shot at you. There are also other hazards along the way such as electric rails, Thwomps and floating mines.

As the platform moves, you’ll need to jump over the electric rails and stationary paltforms to stay on the moving platform. A single hit from a Cannonball can stun you long enough for Mario to get left behind and fall into the abyss. The same goes for if you touch an electric rail.

Getting hit by any of these hazards will most likely lead to Mario falling off the platform.

You’ll also have to jump to a platform above and ride upside down due to gravity. There’ll be a Mini Goomba on this platform but it shouldn’t pose too much trouble. As you ride upside down you’ll face more Cannonballs and higher platforms you need to climb over. You’ll then need to jump again to fall to a moving platform below you.

You need to quickly disembark the platform and move onto the stationary one with a Thwomp and quickly get through before the plaform gets too far ahead. This platform will eventually start to move upwards, which takes you to a sideways facing platform.

When you jump onto this platform it’ll continue to move upwards until you reach another upside down platform. After avoiding the hazards you’ll make it to the last platform and you will go through an area that has a barrage of Cannonballs firing at you.

With good timing you should be able to make it through without a scratch!

Once you survive the onslaught of Cannonballs, the platform will take you towards two Jump Beamers. They will still attack you with their circular laser attacks. You can see the Power Star above the second Jump Beamer. Use the Jump Beamer to claim your well deserved Power Star!

(1 of 2) Use the Jump Beamer to reach the Power Star

Use the Jump Beamer to reach the Power Star (left), and the second Power Star of the Dreadnought Galaxy is now yours! (right)

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