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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Bee Mario Takes Flight

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough of the Bee Mario Takes Flight Power Star in Honeyhive Galaxy. This is the second galaxy available in the Terrace dome, which you’ll need 3 power stars to unlock. This is the first available star in the galaxy.

Bee Mario

Firstly, you’ll need to head up the hill to your right towards the large golden ? coin. Make sure you avoid the rolling boulders! When you run into the golden coin, a Bee-Mushroom will spawn near the waterfall.

The golden ? coin will spawn a Bee-Mushroom.

Head down to the Bee-Mushroom. When you walk into the mushroom, you’ll automatically equip it and become Bee Mario! Bee Mario can fly but only for a certain amount of time. You’ll have a small timer that indicates when you’re about to run out of flight power. If you go into water as Bee Mario, you’ll immediately lose the Bee costume, so make sure to avoid water at all costs! Bee Mario can also climb up honey walls, so keep that in mind for later in the level!

With Bee Mario, you’ll be able to fly around!

To fly, you can either tap A/B repeatedly or hold the button to fly upwards quickly. You’ll want to hold A/B to fly upwards onto the platform by the Bee-Mushroom spawn. Then, when you land on that platform, you’ll replenish flight power, and you can fly up again onto the higher platform.


Next, you’ll need to walk to the end of the platform and head down the hollowed out tree trunk. You’ll take this slide down to a Bee who will tell you that the Queen Bee is just over the wall. This wall is quite high so you’ll need to hold A/B to quickly fly upwards before your flight power runs out.

Hold A/B to hover up quickly.

You can then use your flight powers to fly between the platforms, try to avoid the honey paths though as it’ll slow you down! When you reach the end of the platforms, you’ll encounter a Launch Star. Use that to launch you over to the next area.

Flower Launch

The next planet you encounter will have lots of large flowers that you’ll need to travel across. Watch out for water fountains, as they’ll destroy your bee powers if you get caught in one!

Use the dandelion flowers to launch you high into the air!

To get a boost in your flying, head over to one of the pink dandelions and press Y or shake your Right Joy-Con for a boost. It will send you flying high into the air and you can then fly over to the large pink flowers and make your way to the tallest one. You’ll find a Launch Star just above the tallest flower, and you’ll need to hover upwards to reach it. This will take you to the Queen Bee’s Planet.

Honeycomb Climb

First off, you’ll need to climb up the sides of the planet by navigating up the honeycomb hexagons. You’ll occassionally have to jump and fly around to reach new honeycomb. When you reach the top, you’ll need to spin attack the Piranha Plant to spawn a Sproutle vine. Shake the Right Joy-Con or press Y to spin up the vine.

Queen Bee

When you reach the top, the Queen Bee will ask you to help her stop being itchy! If you have a good eye, you’ll spot a Launch Star pieces on her abdomen. Her itchiness is caused by five Launch Star pieces stuck in her fur. You can fly over to her and then climb around her body looking for the pieces. When you have all the pieces, she will thank you for your help and the Launch Star will spawn behind her. Use this Launch Star to take you to a new area.

The Launch Star pieces are itching the poor Queen Bee.

Treetop Toads

The Launch Star will take you over to a platform in the trees where you’ll find a few Toads hiding out. They mention that they escaped there after Bowser’s attack. They also conveniently have a Power Star just for you!

(1 of 2) The Toads in the treetops will hand you over a Power Star

The Toads in the treetops will hand you over a Power Star (left), this is your first Honeyhive Galaxy star! (right)

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