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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Blasting through the Sand

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough of the Blasting through the Sand Power Star in the Dusty Dune Galaxy.

Defeating Pokey

You start the level on the same platform as the one from Soaring on the Desert Winds. However, instead of encountering Dry Bones as your enemy, you’ll be met with Pokey Heads. You can defeat them by jumping on them or using your spin attack. You’re required to defeat all the Pokey Heads to progress. When you defeat the Pokey Heads in the area, Pokey will appear from underneath the platform.

To defeat Pokey for good you need to spin attack his head. If you dont manage to spin attack his head he can regain segments of his body. When Pokey is defeated a Launch Star will appear to take you to the next planet.

Pokey will appear after you have defeated the other Pokey Heads!

The Ring Planet

You’ll land and find yourself with a series of platforms in front of you. There will be a ring planet that has boulders constantly in motion on it. Before you reach the Sling Star, check underneath each platform as you can continue to walk off the edge due to gravity. Underneath the furthest platform away from you will be a Life Up Mushroom. Underneath the earlier platforms will be Star Bits and a Hungry Luma.

Underneath the Sling Star is a Rainbow Star, which is the equivalent to a Super Star and makes you invicible for a certain amount of time. You can use your invincibility to destroy the boulders and get more Star Bits. Take the Sling Star and it will take you to another Sling Star, which shoots you to a number of planets connected by flowing sand.

Always be sure to check the underside of platforms when you can!

Blue Star Chips

As you land you will be greeted by Dry Bones who can be defeated by jumping on them or a spin attack. Follow the sand stream and it takes you to a Sling Star. This Sling Star transports you to the nearby planets that are interconnected by sand and forms a circuit. As you make your way around this circuit, you need to collect five blue Star Chips. There is a green shell on the planet that you need to use to break open a chest that is holding one of the Star Chips.

When all Star Chips are collected a Pull Star appears! Use the Pull Stars to get yourself to the next planet.

When you find a Green Shell it is likely there’ll be a chest nearby.

Going Left or Right

The Pull Stars take you to a planet and a platform that has arrows pointing left and right. On either side will be rock platforms moving towards your platform at a fast pace and sinking as they reach your platform. Heading right, you will find ? Blocks and a Launch Star that will take you to the next planet on your journey.

Going left will give you a number of coins and a Warp Pipe, which takes you to a room where you can potentially earn three 1-Up Mushrooms.This is when you touch a ? in the center of the room, musical notes will appear and if you managed to obtain them all you will be rewarded with 1-Up Mushrooms. When you take the Warp Pipe out you are transported to the final maze planet. Either direction will lead you to the same final planet but will change where you start!

Either way is valid in this scenario, but if you are not in a rush I would suggest going left.

The Maze Planet

The Maze planet is comprised of quick sand, so if you fall off the path you will lose a life and have to try again. The planet has two halves with a path leading to the other side respectively.

The area will be filled with enemies such as Thwomps, Dry Bones and Tweesters that will try and stop you. You’ll see the Power Star on the side where the path is mainly grey. However it will be out of reach. To get to the star you need to raise the platforms underneath the star from the other side of the planet. You can raise platforms underneath the star by pressing a button on the other side of the planet.

(1 of 2) To reach the star you need to head right on the path that has Tweesters to get to the other side of the planet

To reach the star you need to head right on the path that has Tweesters to get to the other side of the planet (left), follow the path and you will see a button raised on a set of platforms and you need to press it! (right)

Pressing the button causes the platforms to appear on the side of the star. The platforms only appear under the star temporarily so you’ll have to make it back and reach the star in under a set time. If the timer runs out the platforms will disappear back to the other side and you’ll need to press the button again!

(1 of 2) Pressing the button will push the platforms to the other side

Pressing the button will push the platforms to the other side (left), you will now be able to reach the Power Star (right)

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