This page offers a guide on the Hot and Cold Collide Power Star found in the Freezeflame Galaxy.

A Ring of Ice and Fire

You’ll start on the same icey ring planet similair to what you do on the other levels of this galaxy. However, this time there will be additional hazards of lava mixed in with the ice planet. There will be fireballs coming at you as you make your way through this planet. Follow the the ring path to the underside where you’ll need to break open a crystalised Launch Star.

Follow the path and it will lead you to the Launch Star.

Half Hot Half Cold Planet

The Launch Star will take you to a new planet which consists of an ice theme one side and a lava theme on the other. You’ll land on the ice themed side first where you’ll find yourself in an area filled with Urchins and constant rising and lowering freezing water. The Urchins will roll towards and are best to be avoided as you can’t defeat them at this current time.

There are a number of platforms in the area that will keep you above the water level when it rises. The platform with a ? Block will give you Star Bits. Along side the platform will be a piller of stone that can you brake with your ground pound by jumping and pressing ZL. This will reveal the 1-Up Mushroom in the area.

Urchins cant be defeated right now so it’s best to avoid them when you can.

Head towards the wall with the arrow pointing downwards and there’ll be a wheel on the floor next to that platform. Wait for the water level to lower to get access to the wheel and spin, which will create an opening for you to get access to the lava themed side of the planet.

Rising Lava Levels

As you make your way to the lava area, you’ll notice the lava will rise and fall like the water in the ice area. The rising lava will temporarily prevent you from getting access from certain places. However, all you need to do is wait until the lava levels are at a low enough to safely progress.

Keep following the path and you’ll find Red Urchins in the area. In addition to the Red Urchins you’ll also see a wheel be revealed when the lava levels are at their lowest. Spin on the wheel to make a gate lower, giving you access to the Fire Flower.

(1 of 3) The raised lava levels will hide objects

As Fire Mario, head back to the ice area and head towards the arch with the two torches. Light the torches and a Launch Star will appear to take you to the next area.

Skate to the Finish

The area you’ll land in is comprised of a succession of ice and lava platforms. There’s an Ice Flower that you’ll need to use to cross the lava platforms. Being Ice Mario will create ice platforms below you as you move across the lava platforms. At the end of the first path you will need to jump so that gravity will take you to the platform above you.

On the second path there’ll be another Ice Flower to ensure you maintain the Ice Mario form. This second path is similair to the first but now has moving platforms, increasing the difficulty as you make your way to the end. Like the first, at the end of the second path you need to jump to reach the first platform of the third path.

As Ice Mario you can skate on the lava without being damaged!

The third path has no Ice Flower and you will have to quickly get to the Power Star before your Ice Mario abilities wear off. The path wont have moving platforms but will have platforms conjoined by the corners, making it more dangerous when moving from one to another. In the last few platforms you should be able to make the necessary jumps to reach the Power Star.

(1 of 2) The last few platforms can be tricky but you can stop yourself skating by ground pounding to walk the last few steps

The last few platforms can be tricky but you can stop yourself skating by ground pounding to walk the last few steps (left), then the Power Star will now be yours! (right)

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