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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Hidden Star: Yoshi's Unexpected Appearance

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This hidden star is obtainable during the Tarantox’s Tangled Web level in Space Junk Galaxy

Pull Star Travel

To begin making your way through the level you will need to use the Pull Star to drag you the nearest point of gravity which is the prism planet. From there are a trail of Pull Stars that you need to use and pull yourself from one to the next Pull Star. At the final Pull Star it should bring you to the glass maze planet.

Hungry Luma

On the terarrium looking planet there will be Star Bits trapped in crystal that you can break by spinning. There’ll be a Hungry Luma on the surface who will ask you to feed them 50 Star Bits so they can transform. You should have close to that amount by now but if you are in need of more Star Bits head into the maze planet where you’ll find plenty. You can find them in flower patches by spinning and in the green bushes when running through them. There are also Goombas who if you defeat by spinning will yeiled Star Bits and there are also Star Bits incased in crystal ensuring you will have more than enough for the Hungry Luma.

After being fed 50 Star Bits the Hungry Luma will transform!

When you have fed the Hungry Luma 50 Star Bits it will transform into a new planet and a Star Launcher will appear. The new Star launcher will take you to the new planet.

Clearing the Infestation

When you land on the new planet you’ll see it is crawling with Goombas. You need to completly get rid of all the Goombas. This should be fairly simple and just try not to get trampled by a stampede of Goombas.

Mario is here to clear out the Goomba infestation!

After you defeat every single Goomba, a Power Star will appear that’s yours for taking!

(1 of 2) Spin attack multiple Goombas then run through them to defeat them in quick succession

Spin attack multiple Goombas then run through them to defeat them in quick succession (left), the Power Star will be yours in no time! (right)

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