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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

100 Coins in Whomp's Fortress

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
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Seren Morgan-Roberts
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The 100 coins in Whomp’s Fortress doesn’t really require you to be on any specific star, since the major changes to the course don’t add any coins. Thus, you can actually get the 100-coin star as soon as you gain access to Whomp’s Fortress. It is a good idea to pair this with Red Coins on the Floating Isle, since you will likely be getting all of the Red Coins anyway. With that out of the way, let’s get to the walkthrough for this. When you begin the stage, you will be placed right by a tree on the lowest level. There is a Piranha Plant by the one flower bed, so defeat it to get five coins (5). Continue past the plant, on the same level, to find a small box you can throw to get another three coins, as well as eight more coins circling another flower patch (16). Return to the beginning of the stage and jump up to the dirt path, where you can grab five coins (21).

Sneak up on the Piranha Plants for easy defeats

Continue on the dirt path, grabbing the Red Coin above the one Moving Bar (23). Keep going in that direction, although you won’t find coins by the Thwomps. However, on the stone stairs, you will need to jump on the second Thwomp, as there is another Red Coin above him (25). Forget the next Piranha Plant for now and head down the stone ramp, collecting another five coins, then go ahead into the water to find a ring of eight coins (38). As you pass by the slope past the water coins, jump up it to grab the Red Coin, then mosey over to find another five coins by the cannon (45). There’s another ramp near the cannon leading down to the Blue Coin Block.

Ground Pound this to spawn four Blue Coins, so quickly collect them, then pick up the small block nearby to break it on the wall (68). Double back now, to where you ignored that one Piranha Plant. Take it out and collect the Red Coin that is behind it (75). Around the corner, you have another Piranha Plant, as well as a Red Coin and five more coins on the thin wooden plank acting like a bridge (87). The rotating bridge will be in front of you now, which has four regular coins and one more Red Coin (93). Around the corner will be the normal Whomps, who will try to crush you by falling down upon getting close.

While they are flat on the ground, you can actually jump on their backs to produce up to five coins, then Ground Pound to defeat them and get another five coins (103). You should be right by the large flagpole now and right below it is a platform with more coins. You could perform a Side Somersault into a Wall Jump from below, then climb the pole to the coins. You can also do a small jump off the ledge by the flagpole and as soon as you clear it, hold forward and try a jumping kick move to get onto the lower ledge. Whatever you do, grab the coins while you’re there, then return back to where you made rubble of the Whomp (111).

(1 of 2) Crush the Whomps to get five coins from them

Crush the Whomps to get five coins from them (left), Knock over the wooden plank for easy access to the floating platforms (right)

Do the same thing with the next Whomp to get another ten coins (121), then use the moving platforms to get to the top of the fort. This next bit is why doing the 100 coins on a non-first star is great, as there is a giant plank of wood you can knock down to reach the floating platforms. If you try to Long Jump over, the camera will change focus mid-air and you might plummet to your death. Anyway, on the floating platforms, you will find two sets of coins and two Red Coins (141). That’s all of the coins on this course, so collect another normal star to finish.

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