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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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Soaring on the Desert Winds

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough on the Soaring on the Desert Winds Power Star in the Dusty Dune Galaxy. This galaxy is located in the Bedroom dome.

Spinning through the Air

You begin the level on a planet with two Dry Bones. You can defeat them by jumping on them or spin attacking, causing them to crumble. However, after a few moments they will revive themselves. Heading to the next platform you’ll see tornadoes which wont damage you if you touch them but instead will lift you up into the air. You will need to use the surrounding tornadoes to traverse the level. This is due to the fact that if you fall into the surrounding quicksand you’ll instantly sink and lose a life.

By using your spin attack whilst in the tornadoe you’ll propel yourself high into the air. Using this technique you will follow the trail of platforms ahead of you. You need to head to the platform that has a Warp Pipe.

Statistically speaking soaring is the safest way to travel!

The Underground Structure

Once you’ve gone through the Warp Pipe you will find yourself in an underground structure which will make you play on the 2D plain. There will be Brick Blocks as you land, which you can breakthrough with your Ground Pound by jumping and pressing ZL. You will want to head right and be aware of Thwomps which will make you lose a life if you’re squished and Goombas and Piranha Plants who can damage you. Try and avoid falling in the sand as it can hinder your movements and make you fall into the sand flowing below, which will make you lose a life.

You should encounter three spinning wheels which you can jump on thanks to their gravitational pull. Ahead of these wheels is a ? Coin that makes a Fire Flower appear once touched. You can use this power up to clear the path of Piranha Plants up ahead. As you reach the large slope a giant boulder will fall and start rolling after you. It will break on impacy when coming into contact with the platform you can jump on. You’ll see a Sling Star at the end which will shoot you upwards towards a Warp Pipe on the ceiling.

Climbing the Tower

When exiting the Warp Pipe you’ll see a Launch Star on the platform you emerge on. It will take you to the tower where the star is located. Reaching the tower you’ll see a Cluckboom, at the ground floor.It will hover around and lay eggs that will explode shortly after being layed. They can be defeated by shooting a Star Bit and then hitting them with your spin attack.

To start your ascent, jump into the tornadoe and use your spin attack to elavate yourself.You should see block you can land on. You then have to move against the sand that is running down the tower. You can overcome this by combining your jumps with your spin attack to make more ground. Like before, use the tornadoe that is present and launch yourself to the blocks on the next floor.

You will still take damage from the Cluckboom even when you're spinning in a tornadoe.

When faced with these blocks, utilize all your jumping abilities from your wall jumps and crouching backflips to get higher. It’s best to aim for an opposing block and wall jump to get the block you need to scale the tower. You need to head to the block path that snakes around the tower and has tornadoes on the end of it.

Wall jumping is an essential to beat this tower!

Propelling off of the tornadoes you’ll see a ? Coin which will cause two Sling Stars to appear when touched. The Sling Star will shoot you up to another tornadoe which will take you to the next obstacle.

This segment of the tower requires your wall jumping skills to traverse this section. As you wall jump your way through, you’ll encounter two ? Coins which will make Star Bits appear along the walls. In the final part of the wall jump section be careful of the edge of the tower as there is no wall on one side. Reaching the top of the wall jumping obstacles there are blocks moving in and out of the wall and you will need to time your jump to make sure you reach the platform at the top of the tower.

(1 of 2) Sometimes you have to let yourself fall so timing is everything

Sometimes you have to let yourself fall so timing is everything (left), also be wary of the open sides of the tower! (right)

The top floor will have blocks rising in and out of the sand that’s running off the tower. Be careful not to get caught in the sand and get dragged off as you will have to start the whole tower again. Time your jumps on the blocks and reach the Power Star in the crystal. You will need to use your spin attack and hit the crystal twice for the Power Star to be free.

(1 of 2) You will need to break open the star with your spin attack!

You will need to break open the star with your spin attack! (left), and grab the star before the sand takes you off the tower! (right)

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