This page is dedicated to The Beach Cannon’s Secret, which is the second episode in Pinna Park.

Monty Mole

In the first half of this episode, you’ll need to use the Monty Mole’s own bombs against him! To do this, you’ll need to spray the bombs with water to turn them blue, then pick them up using Y and throw them at the Monty Mole’s head by pressing Y again.

You’ll need to throw three bombs at the Monty Mole to defeat him, and then you can use the cannon to take you to the next section.

Spray water at the bombs then throw them back at the Monty Mole!

Cannon’s Obstacle Course

During this section of the episode, you’ll need to make your way across a series of disappearing platforms. As is typical with the “Secret” courses, you won’t have your FLUDD pack.

The green platforms just up ahead will turn from a light green to a dark green and then to black right before they disappear. The platforms do reappear after a couple of seconds. You will need to make sure that you’re not on a platform when it turns black otherwise you’ll fall off. Around half way through this green block area is a spotted platform which won’t disappear. You can stay on that and evaluate how the other green platforms ahead are disappearing and then time your dash across them.

As you can see, the colors indicate when the platforms are about to disappear.

Once you’re across the green platforms, you’ll need to use the orange trampolines to get up to the higher level. The red platforms ahead will disappear in order, meaning you’ll need to run straight across them before they disappear. The best way to time this so you don’t fall off is to wait until all of the platforms have disappeared and then jump right before they spawn in so you have a one or two second head start before the platforms start to disappear.

(1 of 2) Use the trampolines to jump up to the next section of the obstacle course

Use the trampolines to jump up to the next section of the obstacle course (left), and make sure to jump right before the platforms spawn so you get a small head start! (right)

You can utilise the same method at the next section of red platforms: wait for them to disappear, then jump forward right as they respawn. The red platforms disappear quite quickly so this is the best way to make sure you have enough time to get across them. When you’re at the end of the red platform path, you’ll be able to grab the Shine Sprite and complete the episode.

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