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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Comet Star: Beachcombing for Purple Coins

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on how to grab all 100 Purple Coins in Beachcombing for Purple Coins in Beach Bowl Galaxy. The level is only available when there is a Purple Comet in orbit, and this can only occur once you’ve completed The Fate of the Universe.

Collecting all Coins

First off, you’ll want to swim over and jump onto the long vine up ahead. Using the Left analog stick you can swing around and gain speed and height so that you can grab the 24 Purple Coins that encircle the vine. After you’ve grabbed those Purple Coins, head back onto the wooden crate path towards the giant penguin. During the walk over to the penguin, you can grab another 4 coins. On the penguin’s island, you can find 3 coins, including one that you can grab by jumping up onto the giant penguin’s head.

Use the vine to swing in a circle to grab all of the coins!

Follow the path to the right of the penguin across a series of smaller islands and you can collect another 6 coins, bringing your total thus far to 37/100 coins. From the furthest smaller island you can then jump across a path of wooden crates in the water to grab 8 coins. When you get to the otherside of the wooden crate pathway, you’ll need to head up the palm tree to grab the 4 Purple Coins along its trunk and on the top of its leaves.

After collecting the coins on the palm tree, you should notice that the starting area is just up ahead, as you’ve gone round in a big circle. Head past the starting pier and go up to the shore where the waterfall is located. Before climbing up to the waterfall pool, grab 1 hidden coin between the fence and the palm tree closest to the cliff’s edge. Near the waterfall, you’ll find a palm tree that you can walk up. Use it to grab 1 coin from the smaller palm tree and then 2 more on the leaves of the larger one. Next, climb up onto the stone ledge near the waterfall to pick up another 3 coins.

Head over the pool using the wooden crate and you’ll pick up another 1 coin. There are 3 more coins on the stone ledge on the otherside of the waterfall pool. Quickly jump into the water and grab 2 more coins before jumping back out again and heading down off the stone ledge. There are 2 more on the level below and then 1 right near the water’s edge. From there, jump onto the swing above and use the Left Analog Stick to build momentum so you can grab all of the 6 coins in the air near the swing. Use the swing to then propel yourself over to the narrow brown platform in the water. There is 1 coin waiting for you on the platform. If you miss it, jump out of the water then wall jump and spin to get enough height to get back onto it.

Head back up to the shore near the starting area, and this time you want to grab the Spring Mushroom near the waterfall and use it to jump behind the waterfall to grab the 1 Purple Coin that’s slightly hidden. Next, use the spring to jump up onto the palm trees on the beach. On the closest palm tree to the cliff, you’ll get 1 extra coin and then the palm tree on the beach has 2 additional coins up for grabs. At this stage, you should have 76/100 coins.

Use Spring Mario to jump to high up places.

You now want to use your high springy jumps as Spring Mario to jump up to the top of the cliff near the beach and the waterfall. When you’re up here, you’ll need to retain your Spring form at all times, so make sure you don’t hit the water as you’ll lose it and need to head all the way back to the waterfall to grab a new Spring Mushroom. Just up ahead, there are 2 coins near a shallow pool. Then, head back up to the main grassy area and head along towards the beige-colored dome. You should be able to collect another 5 Purple Coins along the way. Jump on the beige dome to grab another 3 coins, including one that is very high up and requires a high springy jump to get to. To the left of the dome is another path up to some higher levels. There are 2 more coins near the fence and then 2 more up on the higher platform, next to the penguin and the palm tree. After grabbing those, jump up onto the highest level, where you can grab 5 more coins, including 3 that can be found on the palm tree. At this stage you should have a total of 95/100 Purple Coins.

The final coins are found under the sea, so jump down from the top of the hill down into the water. 2 coins can be near the center, and then 2 more can be found near the underwater tree. The final 1 coin can be found in the corner near the wall you smashed to pieces in The Secret Undersea Cavern. When you’ve collected all 100/100 coins, you’ll earn yourself a Power Star! It will spawn near the giant penguin.

(1 of 2) The final five coins are under the water

The final five coins are under the water (left), and when you’ve collected all 100 coins, you’ll earn a Power Star! (right)

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