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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This is the first level available in Toy Time Galaxy. Toy Time Galaxy is unlocked with 40 stars in the Engine dome.

Toy Train to the Launch Star

On the starter planet you’ll need to take one of the two toy trains over to the Star Launcher on the platform opposite to where you begin. This Launch Star will take you over to a near area of the level.

Gravity Walls

On this toy structure, you’ll need to navigate the tricky gravity walls. Watch where you step as you could just fall right off into the void! First off you’ll need to walk over the yellow platforms near the green wall and jump to the purple wall area. Then, head down and over to the otherside of the structure and walk onto the purple path. Follow it around back and then hop onto the spinning platform. Screw in the blue screw using a spin attack and you’ll get a few extra star bits. You’ll also need to unscrew the gold screw by spin attacking that, too. This will move the cage out of the way and you can then jump over to the next purple path. From here, make your way up to the Launch Star found within the alcove.

Follow the Purple Path up to the Star Launcher.

Spring Mario

On this next toy structure, you’ll need to run up and grab the Golden ? Coin. When you do so you’ll transform into Spring Mario. Spring Mario takes a little bit of getting used to. You will bounce about constantly, which will be a bit disorienting at first. You can also hold or press A/B to jump extra high! This is great for getting to high platforms and ledges but it can be a bit tricky to control where you land, so be careful! You’ll need to head over across the two conveyorbelts to get to the tall toy tower. Watch out for the sentry beamer’s laser as it’ll destroy your spring form and you’ll need to head back and grab another Spring Mushroom.

Spring Mario can jump really high but he’s tricky to control.

Once you’ve gotten past the sentry beam, jump up the tower of toy bricks. At the top, you’ll find a Launch Star that will take you to a plate with a spoon and a jar on it. You’ll lose your Spring Mario form during the flight over but there’s another Spring Mushroom near the jar. You’ll need to use your springy jump to get on top of the jar. Then, groundpound the jar’s concrete cork to get into the jar itself. In the jar you’ll find a Star Launcher that will take you over to the final area.


When you take the Star Launcher, you’ll land on a big Mecha-Bowser toy. Firstly, make your way across the conveyorbelt floor and jump up the left leg by wall jumping. Then, unscrew the blue screw and head down the warp pipe, where you’ll pop up on the over leg. Unscrew the screw on this leg and a Sling Star will appear. Use that to progress to the next section of the Mecha Bowser’s body.

You will find yourself on the main torso of Mecha-Bowser. You need to unscrew each of the screws found at the corners of the green metal plate. You’ll need to watch out for the fire bars, but other than that, this section is pretty straightforward. When the plate has fallen off, head into the bottom alcove and use the warp pipe.

You’ll pop up on a platform that is attached to the Mecha-Bowser’s arm. Make your way along the hand and forearm, then up to the shoulder. Watch out for the bats! Again, you’ll need to unscrew the shoulder screw. This will cause the arm to fall but a Star Launcher will also spawn. Quickly use the Launcher before the arm falls off to get to the final area.

You’ll need to unscrew a lot of screws in this level!

The final section occurs on the same level as the Mecha-Bowser’s head. You’ll land on a platform that’s attached to its head. You’ll first need to grab the Spring Mario mushroom and then jump across to the head of the toy. Watch out for the cannon blasts and the Magikoopa that’ll try to hit you. Use your powered springy jump to jump up to the top of the Mecha-Bowser’s head. When you reach the top, jump up onto the stack of concrete slabs and groundpound down into the Bowser’s head! When you do so, you’ll explode the Mecha-Bowser toy and a Power Star will spawn!

Destroying Mecha Bowser will earn you a Power Star.

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