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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Episode 1: Road to the Big Windmill

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on grabbing the Shine Sprite in Episode 1 of Bianco Hills. This area is accessed via the Rainbow M on the side of the Grand Pianto Statue in Bianco Square, in Delfino Plaza.

Path to the Windmill

First off, follow the brick path until you spot some sprinklers. The sprinklers make the path wet, meaning you can slide down it at a fast speed. To do so, press Y to dive and slide across the path. When you reach the end jump up and grab the rope to pull yourself over to the otherside of the river. From there, follow the red arrow sign towards a fence between two buildings. You can easily jump over it by sideways somersaulting, which can be achieved by running and then doing a U-turn whilst pressing B, or by performing a triple jump.

(1 of 2) Use the water to slide down the path

Use the water to slide down the path (left), and when you get to the otherside of the river, sideways somersault or triple jump over the fence. (right)

When you’re over the fence, you’ll notice a goo pile and some Strollin’ Stus, which will continue to spawn in unless you shoot water at the graffiti goo. You can also shoot water at the Strollin’ Stus to defeat them.

After dealing with the enemies, follow the red arrow signs onto a path that is blocked by the mill’s wheel. Hop onto the wheel and ride it to the top then jump down to the otherside. As you walk a little further into the field, you’ll notice a whole load of graffiti goo. Look for the small mound of goo that’s on a slight hill to the north and clear a path to it by shooting water at the ground. Then, when you reach the goo mound, spray some water for a short period of time and a Gatekeeper (the gooey Piranha Plant) will pop out. Spray his head with water three times to defeat him. Upon his defeat, all of the goo in the vicinity will disappear and a Shine Sprite will spawn.

Defeat the Gatekeeper atop the hill to earn yourself the first Shine Sprite in Bianco Hills.

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