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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Father and Son Shine!

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on grabbing the 10 Blue Coins in Corona Mountain and how to clear the final Course. This area is accessed by defeating Shadow Mario in all of the other courses and following him in Delfino Plaza.

Collect the Blue Coins

This is it, you’ve chased Shadow Mario across multiple parts of the island, learnt that it’s really Bowser Jr and managed to finally corner him at Corona Mountain. Before you can face off against this mischievous trickster, you’ll have to navigate through a sea of lava while hopefully collecting the 10 Blue Coins on offer along the way.

Begin by switching to the Hover Nozzle and jump above the spikes, hovering until they retreat in and landing on the platform before jumping over and using the Hover Nozzle to put out the fire on the next platform. Do the same for the next spike platform and then jump over to the platform with the 1-Up Mushroom. A longer jump is needed for the next spike platform and then again for another fire platform and one further spike platform resulting in you reaching the 1st Blue Coin.

(1 of 3) Use the Hover Nozzle to put out the flames on these platforms

The next set of platforms can be crossed in any way save for the first spike platform. Time your jump and then consider hovering over to the easier fire platforms to continue you way across these platforms. Once on the other side, be sure to fill your FLUDD again and Ground Pound the crate for another 1-Up Mushroom before boarding the boat.

Using the FLUDD to spray behind you, you can move this boat across the lava sea but to begin with, go straight forward, swerving in and out of the rocks as if you strike them, the boat will sink and you’ll lose a life. As you reach the end of this part, you’ll find the 2nd Blue Coin straight ahead, head towards it but don’t crash the boat, you’ll need it for the other coins here. Carefully take the boat slowly around this island to score yourself the rest of the Blue Coins.

(1 of 3) Slowly manoeuver the boat towards this first Blue Coin with light sprays from FLUDD

Take a second to grab a breather once you have all the Blue Coins and then make your way to the island in the center, leap onto the platform and grab the Rocket Nozzle and then use it on the shadow of the cloud above you to trigger the final confrontation.

Bowser and Bowser Jr Boss Battle

Mario gatecrashes the Bowser family vacation as both father and son are taking a relaxing bath. Take note of the arena, you’ll notice platforms around the edges with markings on them, these are your primary objective. Bowser himself will constantly spray flame jets at you while Jr will shoot Bullet Bills, both can be dealt with by spraying them with FLUDD.

As for how to handle the battle, head over to each of these markings and use a Rocket Jump followed by a Ground Pound at the very peak of the jump. Beware, this will cause the arena to tilt and have the water shoot towards Mario, evade it and then make your way to the other platforms. Perform this for all five platforms and you’ll finally take down Bowser and Bowser Jr. for good, effectively completing Super Mario Sunshine, congratulations!

(1 of 4) Bowser will spew flames in an attempt to block your route

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