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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

The Silver Stars of the Sea Slide

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough on The Silver Stars of Sea Slide Power Star in the Sea Slide Galaxy. This galaxy is found in the Engine dome.

Reaching New Heights as Bee Mario

The main objective of this level is to collect the five Silver Stars placed around Sea Slide planet. From the island you start on you’ll see a Bee Mushroom on the nearest island to you. Head over to the to the power up and using your new powers fly up to the moving cloud - you’ll be light enough to stand on it. From the cloud, fly to the top of the stone arch where your first Silver Star will be.

Here is your first Silver Star!

Taking Flight with the Cannon

Keep flying forward as Bee Mario to the island with the penguins and you’ll see a stone path. At the end you need to enter the cannon which will point you in a direction where you’ll see a Starshroom, Pull Stars and the second Silver Star.

Shoot yourself towards the Silver Star and catch yourself with a Pull Star. There are multiple Pull Stars which you need to use to reach the second Silver Star. Take the Sling Star to get yourself back to the cannon.

The second Silver Star will be a bit higher off the ground.

Climbing the Tree

For your third Silver Star head towards the island with the tower but before you reach it, go right where you’ll see a tree. You’ll need to be Bee Mario and use all your flight energy to get to the top of the tree. Once you land on the top of the tree, fly up again and you should be able to reach the third Silver Star.

Your third Silver Star is above the tree!

The Grand Tree

Take the Sling Star on the same Island you’re on to take you back to the starting island. Use your Bee Mario powers and fly towards the big tree. You’ll need to reach the very top of the tree. Watch out for Spanglers hanging from the branches! Use the platforms provided by the tree to reach the top and retrieve the fourth Silver Star.

The Center of Sea Slide Galaxy

From the tree head further away from the starting island and you’ll see a platform with a wheel. Spin on the wheel to cause a current of water to appear that leads to the central planet. Take the current to the central planet and head to the top where you’ll find the final Silver Star.

The final Silver Star is waiting for you at the center of the galaxy!

Once you have all the Silver Stars, the Power Star will appear on the starting island. You can take to the Launch Star back to the platform with the water current and then take the Sling Star back to the starting island. The Power Star will be waiting for you to collect!

(1 of 2) Like the other Power Stars, this Power Star will be waiting for you on the starting island

Like the other Power Stars, this Power Star will be waiting for you on the starting island (left), that’s another Power Star to the collection! (right)

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    Seren Morgan-Roberts, Jarrod Garripoli, Ben Chard

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