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Super Mario 3D All-Stars


Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on all of the controls in Super Mario Sunshine. For an in game reminder of the controls, you can always press - and then down to Actions.


To move you use the Left Analog Stick. You can also adjust the camera angle using the Right Analog Stick.

You can control how fast Mario moves by how much pressure you put on the analog stick. Full pressure will make him run, but if you need to go slowly reduce the amount of pressure on your Left Analog Stick. Depending on how much pressure you put on the analog stick, you could walk briskly or slowly, and even tip toe if you need extra control. You should practice for a bit to get a feel for the different walk speeds.

You can control how fast Mario is going by how much pressure you place on the Left Analog Stick.


To slide, you need to press Y whilst running. You can also slide along wet surfaces for extra speed. You can Slip-Slide by shooting water out in front of you and sliding too!


  • Basic Jump - To perform a basic jump, press A/B.

  • Double and Triple Jump - While running, press A/B to jump, then as you land on the ground, press A/B again to double jump. To perform a triple jump, you’ll need to press A/B as you hit the ground after a double jump.

  • Sideways Somersault - Whilst running, make a quick turn to the opposite direction and press A/B. This can be a tricky move to master, but it’ll be a useful jump to have in the future, so practice the timing until you can pull off this move with ease.

  • Spin Jump - To spin jump, rotate the Left Analog Stick and then jump. This will give you a long and high jump.

  • Wall Jump - To wall jump, press A/B when jumping towards a wall to then jump again.

Wall jumping can be useful for getting up to high areas.

  • Front Somersault - To front somersault press B whilst sliding.

  • Backwards Somersault - While spraying water using R, press B.

  • Body Slam - To body slam, press Y whilst jumping.


FLUDD is a device that you’ll need to use throughout the game. It shoots water and can also be used to hover above the ground for a short time. To shoot out water whilst moving, press ZR. But, if you need to aim the water, stop moving and use R to shoot a stream of water that you can then aim using the Left Analog Stick. To switch between the water shooting nozzle and the hover nozzles, press X. To refill the tank, jump into a body of water and press R or ZR. You can’t spray any water if your tank is empty!

  • Sprinkler Squirt - To perform a sprinkler squirt, spin the Left Analog Stick and press ZR.

FLUDD will be handy for clearing up goo!

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