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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Comet Star: Purple Coins on the Summit

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough and guide to collecting all Purple Coins in Purple Coins on the Summit. This level is only available when there is a Purple Comet in orbit, and this will only occur once you’ve completed the main story of the game.

Collecting the Purple Coins

When you’ve slid down onto the icy platform, there will be 2 coins behind you at the base of the slide and 2 more in front of you. From here, jump across onto the wooden platform and then onto the small ice platform to collect 2 more Purple Coins. On the larger ice platform ahead, you’ll find 4 coins surrounding a Golden ? Coin. Collect the coins and then grab the large ? coin to make an Ice Flower spawn just up ahead. Along the platforms to the spawn point of the Ice Flower, you can pick up 3 more Purple Coins. There are also 6 coins surrounding the Ice Flower, so you’ll want to grab those too. Now, activate Ice Mario by jumping into the Ice Flower above the water spout. When you’re on the water spout, backflip and spin to jump high and grab 1 extra easily missed coin. Before you move on from here, you should have the first 20/100 coins.

If you spin whilst walking on water as Ice Mario, you’ll begin to ice skate.

You will need to keep coming back to this Ice Flower spawn point as Ice Mario form runs out quickly and you need it for lots of different things in this level. To the left of the Ice Flower spawn point, head over the water (as Ice Mario) towards another Golden ? Coin. You can activate it for lots of golden coins. But in this area you’ll also find a couple more Purple Coins. You’ll find 1 coin on top of a stone structure just to the north of the water spout that the Golden Coin was ontop of. You can either perform a backflip to get it or jump onto the water spout to help you reach the Purple Coin. Now, you’ll quickly need to run back to the Ice Flower spawn point before your powers run out. If you spend too long in the ice cold water you’ll begin to take damage. Now, grab another Ice Flower and run back to the water spout. Jump on it then jump onto the taller stone pillar. From here, you need to perform a backflip into a spin to grab 1 extra purple coin. This is definitely a tricky jump to pull off so you may need to run back and forth between the Ice Flower spawn and this stone pillar.

Now, after you’ve grabbed those, you’ll want to head back to the Ice Flower, and then use your Ice powers to head south east to the corner of the lake, where you’ll find some ledges and a Sling Star that you can jump into. On one of the ledges you’ll find 1 more coin, and at the top of the Sling Star jump you can grab 2 more. Head down the ramp and grab the 2 Purple Coins as you slide down. It’ll also be handy if you pick up the extra life mushroom as you can withstand more time in the ice water if you accidentally fall in. At this point, you should have a total of 27/100 Purple Coins.

Now, you’ll need to, once again, grab another Ice Flower and head towards the snowy platform north west of the Ice Flower spawn. From here you can grab 2 more from the snow-covered steps. As Ice Mario, you’ll need to jump across the water spouts in the cliff to then reach a higher ledge. To the right, you’ll find two more water spouts. Between them, you can quickly grab 1 extra Purple Coin. Now, head back onto the icy path and you can grab 4 more. Now as you go across the Bwomps, you’ll be able to grab 2 more coins that are above them. To grab them you just need to backflip and spin. At this point, you should have a total of 36/100 Purple Coins.

You’ll need to use Ice Flowers a lot in this level.

At the top of the ledge after you’ve jumped up the Bwomps, you’ll be able to wall jump against a narrow wall and then spin at the apex of the wall jump to grab 1 more Purple Coin. Carry on along the path and you’ll be able to pick up 2 Purple Coins before you head onto the long iceberg platform. On this platform, you can pick up another 5 coins, but you’ll need to jump for them and balance out the ice platform too so you can actually reach them. Before you continue hop onto the snowy ground south of this platform. Here you’ll spot a couple of Toads. Near the ledge where the Toads are, you can grab another 3 coins. Then, head all the way to the left and you can grab another 4 Purple Coins. Near these coins is a hole in the cliff. Jump down it to grab 1 easily missed Purple Coin. You can then use the Sling Star to launch you back to where you were. Now you can jump onto the wooden boxes near the icy see-saw platform and grab 1 more coin. At this stage, your total should come up to 53/100.

Head across the wooden crate platforms to grab another Ice Flower.

At the end of the row of wooden box platforms, you’ll find another Ice Flower spawn. Become Ice Mario and head north to the snowy steps where you can pick up 2 additional coins. Then jump across the Bwomps, and pick up another 3 coins. On the otherside, you can use a Sling Star that will launch you up to some water spouts. During the brief flight, you’ll pick up 3 more Purple Coins. On the water spouts, you’ll be able to grab another 2 coins.

In this next section, where you fought a boss fight in The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr. On the platforms surrounding the tower structure, you can find 11 Purple Coins. In an alcove on the right of the structure, you can find an extra 2 coins. You’ll also need to use an Ice Flower to run across the lake and wall jump up to the top of the snowy tower. Whilst wall jumping, you can grab 2 additional Purple Coins and at the top of the tower, you can grab another 3 near the Toad. At this stage, you should have 81/100 coins.

Now, you’ll need to head back and grab an Ice Flower. You can either do this on the platform below, or the ground level of this map. Once you have Ice Powers you’ll need to run up the the two water spouts that are to the right of the first set of Bwomps. Now on the 2nd of these two spouts, you’ll need to face away from the ledge you want to get up onto and perform a backflip and then a spin so you can grab onto the ledge. This is a tricky move and may require a few tries.

Once up on the ledge you’ll need to make your way up along the path up to the summit of the mountain. This path is the same as the one in Conquering the Summit. First off before you take the sling star, you’ll need to grab the 1 coin to the right. On the next platform, you’ll need to use the Fire Flower to destroy the Snowman blocking your way on the otherside of a short jump. On the small ledge you jump from you can pick up 1 other Purple Coin. Before you climb up the Bwomps, you can also pick up 1 more coin. At the top of the Bwomps, you can grab another 1 Purple Coin. This will bring your total to 85/100 Coins. Along this path up to the summit, you’ll pick up another 13 Purple Coins. The path there is relatively straight forward, so you don’t need a step-by-step. If you’re stuck though, you can use the Conquering the Summit guide as a reminder of where to go.

This jump is quite scary! Let’s hope you don’t miss…it’s a long climb back to the top.

At the top of the summit, you’ll have a total of 98/100 coins. Toad tells you that you need to jump off the edge to land on the two platforms below that have the last coins. This jump looks really scary but all you need to do is longjump off the edge and then adjust your positioning as you fall. Then you can jump from the first platform to the second to get the final 2 coins. Once you have all the coins, a Power Star will spawn at the beginning of the level. Use the Sling Star to your right to take you to the Star so you can complete the level.

This power star is definitely well deserved.

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