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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Infiltrating the Dreadnought

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough on the Infliltrating the Dreadnought Power Star in the Dreadnought Galaxy. This is the first level in the Dreadnought Galaxy which can be found in the Garden dome and requires 48 stars to unlock.

Launching to the Dreadnought

You’ll land on a hourglass-shaped planet that’s covered with Eye Beamers, so take care where you step. If you step into the light you’ll take damage. Head to the top of the planet and there’ll be a Jump Beamer waiting for you! Use the Jump Beamer to reach the Launch Star and it will take you to the Dreadnought.

Jump Beamers are a great way to get to out of reach places!

Inside the Dreadnought

Mario will land in a bowl shaped area with Goombeetles, with a closed off Warp Pipe. You have to defeat the Goombeetles to get access to the Warp Pipe, which takes you inside the Dreadnought.

As you enter the Dreadnought, this section is now a two-dimensional platforming area. Heading right will be the equivalent of moving forward. In the area you’ll notice arrows that indicate the direction of gravity. These can change when you flip a green arrow switch. Starting off you need to head right and use the shifting platforms to wall jump to get to higher areas.

Hitting the green arrow will change the direction of gravity, which allows you to get to different areas of the level!

Hit the green arrow switch by using your spin attack and it will shift the gravity within the Dreadnought. With the newly shifted platforms, you’ll need to wall jump to get to new areas. As you move right, there are going to be more hazards like Cannonballs that will damage you on impact. Moving forward you’ll see another arrow switch and after hitting it, the area will change again.

This time there’s a springboard that you need to use to get to a high platform with Jump Beamers on them. As you make your way up there will be platforms that may crush you if you don’t time the jump right. Jumping on the Jump Beamers will take you to a Warp Pipe which will take you to a tower area outside the Dreadnought.

Scaling the Dreadnought’s Tower

The Warp Pipe will take you outside to a tower area where you need to head upwards to get to a Launch Star. You’ll see Bomb-ombs who will head towards you and try and damage Mario by exploding but you will have time to avoid them. There’s also a Spring Topman, who you need to jump on to reach the next platform up the tower. Once you land on the next platform, the previous platform will collapse and fall into the black hole. This continues to happen until you reach the platform with a Goomba on it.

The next platform you’re on will be smaller and another Spring Topman will appear. Use that Spring Topman to reach the higher platform which is again smaller than the last. Use the final Spring Topman to get to the platform with a Goomba on.

Though getting hit my the Spring Topman wont damage you, you’ll still experience knock-back and can be knocked off the platform.

Once there, head up the steps and two platforms will descend on either side of Mario. Begin wall jumping on these platforms and they’ll take you up to the Launch Star.

The Launch Star will take you to the next area and you’ll land on a cube planet that’s surrounded by Eye Beamers. Take the Sling Star on the Cube planet to get to the final area.

Rising Sea Levels

When you land on the final planet, you’ll need to head south and you’ll see a cage. Keep going downwards and you’ll be met with a Bullet Bill turret. Get the Bullet Bill to follow you and break open the cage. This then floods the majority of the planet and redirects the Eye Beamers attention to this final area.

The Eye Beamers can be used as moving platforms to help you reach other places.

Head to the platform that you orginally landed on in this area, as it will still be above water. You’ll need to ride the Eye Beamers as platforms, but there will still be Eye Beamers above you so be aware of their laser beams. Jump on the Eye Beamer moving right and quickly take care of the Mecha-Bowser enemy by ground pounding. Keep following this path and there’ll be another Eye Beamer that will take you the platform with the Power Star.

Once you’re on the platform, you’ll need to avoid the Eye Beamers above you emitting their lasers. The Power Star will be on a raised platform that you can get to by jumping.

(1 of 2) Make your to the Power Star avoiding last obstacles the Eye Beamers spotlight laser beams

Make your to the Power Star avoiding last obstacles the Eye Beamers spotlight laser beams (left), you’ll get your first star from the Dreadnought Galaxy! (right)

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