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100 Coins in Jolly Roger Bay

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts
Total Coins Coins from Enemies
104 3

Jolly Roger Bay is one of two stages that doesn’t have a lot of coins, so you’re going to need to pretty much collect anything and everything. In fact, missing any of the Blue Coins from the Blue Coin Block will cause you to not have enough to spawn the star, so you will need to start over from the beginning. It is best to do this star in conjunction with [Red Coins on the Ship Afloat] because you will be collecting the majority of the coins.

(1 of 2) The yellow box at the start will contain a few coins

The yellow box at the start will contain a few coins (left), The spire by the sixth star will have a ring of coins around it (right)

Whenever you begin the stage, there is a yellow block near the starting position on the shore, which contains three coins (3). Dive into the water and go to the middle of the shallow portion, where you will not only find a Red Coin in the one Clam, but also eight normal coins around the little rock there (13). Continue to the one Clam near the floating wooden plank, in between the two platforms, for another Red Coin (15), then grab the third Red Coin from the last Clam in this section (17). Remember that spire you probably grabbed onto during [Blast to the Stone Pillar]?

Well, there are an additional eight coins at the base of that spire, in the water (25). Go into the deep end now and grab the one Red Coin from the Clam (27), then start making your way to the underwater cave. There will be another eight coins by the entrance to this cave (35). As soon as you enter the cave, turn right and hit the Blue Coin Brick, then quickly collect the six Blue Coins (65). If you miss a single Blue Coin, then you will need to begin from the very beginning, as you won’t have enough coins to reach 100. There are also three Goombas in this cave, so make sure you get rid of them and collect the coins left behind (68). In the back of the cave, not too far from the chests, will be another eight coins (76).

(1 of 2) You will need to grab all of the Blue Coins from the Blue Coin Block

You will need to grab all of the Blue Coins from the Blue Coin Block (left), There are 15 coins on the thing walkways by the ship (right)

Exit the cave and return to the surface, going to where the wooden plank is floating in between the two platforms. Climb the spire near the Bob-Omb Buddy and grab the Red Coin at the top (78). There will be five coins on the side of the one platform containing the block bridge button (83). Hit the button and cross the thin platforms here, collecting the coins along the way (98). At the end, jump onto the ship and snag the Red Coin right there **(100), then go to the far end of the ship and collect the last two Red Coins (104).


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