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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

A Snack of Cosmic Proportions

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a walkthrough on how to earn the 2nd Power Star available in Good Egg Galaxy. Good Egg Galaxy is the first galaxy you unlock in the Terrace Dome.

Collect Star Bits

When you land on the starting planet, you’ll want to take one of the bridges down to the underside of the planet and spend some time collecting Star Bits. You need 100 of them. You don’t have to grab all 100 on this planet specifically, but it’ll mean you can feed the Luma quicker if you don’t travel around all the other planets. When you have your desired amount of Star Bits, head a long the bridge that juts out sideways off the planet, where you’ll meet a Blue Luma who will turn into lots of Pull Stars. Aim your Star Cursor at the Pull Stars and tap A to pull yourself through the Pull Stars towards the Launch Star.

Collect 100 Star Bits to feed the hungry Luma.

You’ll land on another planet that has lots of star bits and a Launch Star that you can use right away. Whilst you’re launching, you’ll pass through another Launch Star. If you don’t need more Star Bits, you should interact with the Launch Star by spinning so that it changes your course. If you don’t have 100 Star Bits, don’t spin in the Launch Star and it’ll take you to another planet so you can spend some time collecting more Star Bits. Your only objectives on the other planets is to collect Star Bits, so you’re not missing out on much, but you could always go back and explore after you’ve fed the Luma.

Feed the Luma

Once you have 100 Star Bits use the Star Launchers to head over to the Egg Planet. At the top of the planet, you’ll find a Luma who demands a large snack of 100 Star Bits. To feed him Bits, aim your Star Cursor at him and then press ZR to shoot Star Bits at him.

Don’t worry if you’ve landed on this planet and haven’t got 100 Star Bits, you can feed him what you have and use the Launch Star at the south pole of the planet to launch onto the other planets.

The fed Luma will transform!

When you’ve fed the Luma all 100 Star Bits, he will transform and create a new planet! A Launch Star will also spawn where the Luma was, and you can use that to travel to the new planet.

New Planet

This planet resembles a tower, and you’ll need to climb to the top to progress. Whilst you’re climbing up the tower, you’ll encounter Goombas and Thorny Flowers. You can use spin attacks to defeat the Goombas, but you won’t want to go near the Thorny Flowers. Instead, you can spin attack the green bulb sprouts to fling them in the direction of the Spiny Flowers. You don’t have to destroy the Spiny Flowers, but this is the only way to do so if you want to. There is also a shortcut marked by a 1-up mushroom. If you wall jump up the narrow gap, you can miss out a fair bit of the climb and avoid any Goomba encounters.

When you’ve reached the top of the tower planet, you’ll need to use the Launch Star. This will take you over to the planet that looks like a pill or a capsule in the center of the galaxy.

The new planet resembles a tower, which you’ll have to climb to progress.

Capsule Planet

When you use the Launch Star on the new planet, you’ll land on the exterior of the Capsule Planet. You’ll need to find a way to get into the capsule so you can travel through it. To get inside, you need to find a crystal and spin attack it to reveal a hole that you can then use to jump into the Capsule Planet.

When you’re inside, you’ll notice that there are red walls with arrows pointing upwards and blue walls with arrows pointing downwards. The walls will indicate which way gravity is working. So in the blue areas, gravity will be normal, but in the red areas, Mario will walk upside down!

(1 of 2) Spin to break a crystal that’s blocking the hole into the capsule

Spin to break a crystal that’s blocking the hole into the capsule (left), the gravity walls determine which way up Mario walks. (right)

Your goal inside the Capsule Planet is to make your way up to the top. It’s fairly straight forward and easy to follow, so getting to the top won’t be too difficult. When you’ve reached the top, use the Launch Star to take travel over to the final “planet”.

Star Planet

When you reach the Star Planet, you’ll need to collect the 5 blue Pull Star pieces. You can travel on the sides and the bottom side of the star, so don’t be scared of falling off.

As soon as you’ve gotten all Pull Star pieces, a Pull Star will spawn on each point of the star. You can then use these Pull Stars to pull yourself towards the Power Star in the center.

(1 of 2) You could always just long jump for the star if you want to go fast

You could always just long jump for the star if you want to go fast (left), congratulations on your second Good Egg Galaxy Star! (right)

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