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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Comet Star: The Honeyhive's Purple Coins

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a coin-by-coin walkthrough of The Honeyhive’s Purple Coins in Honeyhive Galaxy. This level is only available when there’s a Purple Comet in orbit, and this will only occur when you’ve completed The Fate of the Universe.

Collect the Purple Coins

Below, you’ll find a route that takes you to all 100 Purple Coins. This is not the only route you can take but this outlines how many coins are in each location.

First off, there’s 11 coins near where you begin. There’s 5 on the dirt, and 5 in the water, and there is 1 hidden one behind the fence where you start. You’ll have to hop over the fence carefully to grab it. For now, ignore the 3 coins that are up the ramp as we’ll get those later!

The first 10 coins are easy to spot, but don’t forget about the coin hidden behind the fence that’s behind you!

Next, head up the hill and observe where the boulders are falling off the ledge. Here, you’ll find 1 more Purple Coin. To grab it, you can perform a backflip or a sideways somersault whilst there are no boulders around to squash you. Continue up the hill and you’ll find the vine swing. Use it to swing up high and grab 1 Purple Coin. After you’ve grabbed that, jump down and head to the platform that’s down and to the right from the swing. To get onto the platform, perform a backflip onto it. On the platform, you’ll find 1 Purple Coin. From here, jump down onto the otherside into a puddle where you’ll grab 1 Purple Coin. Make your way along the ledge and then jump up the wall jump section to the top of the cliff, along this path you’ll find 6 more Purple Coins. At the top of the cliff, you’ll also find 2 more coins. Your total at this point should be 23/100.

Jump down onto the top of the hill where you’ll find 5 more Purple Coins surrounding the fountain. After collecting these, head to the left and groundpound the tall stack of concrete blocks to grab a load of star bits. From there you can pick up the 1 Purple Coin that would have been hidden by the concrete blocks. You can pick up the coin by wall jumping against the right wall and as you’re jumping over to the higher platform, you should automatically pick it up.

When you’re on the higher platform, you’ll find 2 more Purple Coins behind the waterfall. This should bring your Purple Coin total to 31/100. You’ll also notice that there’s a big honeycomb barrier blocking your way into the tunnel above, but you can clearly see that there’s some coins in there! Don’t worry, you’ll be able to grab them later.

From here, head down the green warp pipe. You’ll pop up in a different area, where to the left, you’ll need to jump across a series of honey-covered platforms to grab 9 more Purple Coins. After you’ve reached the end of the honey platforms, make your way back to where you began in this section and jump down to the lower platform. There are 2 more Purple Coins that you can grab and then you’ll need to use the warp pipe. At this point, you should have 42/100 coins.

Jump across the platforms but watch out for the honey as it’ll slow you down!

The warp pipe will transport you to the top of the cliff next to the vine swing. Jump down and walk a little down the hill that the Boulders are rolling down. A short walk down from the vine swing, you’ll find another concrete block. Groundpound this to reveal some Sproutle Vines that’ll take you across to the other side of this planet. When you spin onto the second vine, let yourself fall to the bottom of it, as to the right you’ll find 3 Purple Coins. Head to the left from here and groundpound the concrete block that’s covering the spring. Once you’ve done so, use the spring to jump up to the block above. On the block, you’ll need to backflip to grab 1 extra Purple Coin. Before you progress in this section, you’ll want to use the ramp to the left of the spring and grab the 3 coins that were visible to you at the beginning of this level. After picking these up, you should have 49/100 coins!

After taking a quite detour down the ramp, head back over to the area using the Sproutle Vines. Head around the large tree in the middle of the shallow lake, and you’ll be able to pick up 5 Purple Coins. Instead of going right the way around the tree, jump up onto the barrier that borders the planet. Walk up and along it carefully and you’ll be able to pick up another 5 Purple Coins. When you reach the top of the ledge, you’ll want to quickly defeat the wiggler by groundpounding it. Before you groundpound the red button, you’ll want to grab the few coins that are left in this section. First off, there’s 1 coin in the shallow puddle to the right of the Wiggler’s pen. Then to the right of that, you’ll find 2 Purple Coins hidden behind the tall tree at the edge of the cliff. And finally, if you walk south from the Wiggler’s pen, you’ll find 3 more Purple Coins at the end of the cliff, bringing your total at this stage to 65/100.

Once you’ve hit the big red button, use the bridge to take you over to the large wooden structure. Groundpound the wooden button and you’ll be able to then wall jump up the wooden crates. Along this wooden crate structure, you’ll find 4 Purple Coins. When you’re at the top, walk up a little and look at the dirt wall to the left. You should be able to spot 1 Purple Coin on the top of the dirt wall. Backflip to get onto the wall and then grab the coin. When you do so, your camera will zoom out to reveal two large blocks that you can jump down onto. On the blocks, you’ll find 2 more Purple Coins.

Jump down onto the big blocks to grab some hidden Purple Coins!

When you jump down from the blocks, you’ll end up in the tunnel behind the honeycomb barrier near the waterfall from earlier. Grab the 3 Purple Coins and then head back towards the hollowed out tree trunk. When you fall down it, you’ll head down a long ramp where you can collect 5 Purple Coins. When you’ve finished sliding, you’ll need to use the green warp pipe to take you back to the cliff near the vine swing at the beginning. By now, you should have 80/100 coins. You’re almost there!

Now, you’ll need to head all the way back to the top of the wooden crate structure to grab the last 20 coins. When you’ve reached the top of the wooden crate structure again, head all the way up the hill. Before you use the wooden wall jumping walls, grab the 3 Purple Coins to the left of it. There’s also 1 extra Purple Coin that you’ll need to backflip onto the dirt wall for. After grabbing those, head up the wooden walls by wall jumping and grab 3 more Purple Coins. To the right of the wooden walls, you’ll be able to head up onto a small raised path and collect another 3 Purple Coins. You should now have 90/100 coins.

From the edge of the ledge, jump down onto a narrow path that heads behind the waterfall. Along this ledge, you’ll find 5 more Purple Coins. Walk all the way along the path and jump down onto the lower platform. On this platform, you’ll find the last 5 Purple Coins - including one at the top of the water fountain. When you have 100/100 coins, the Power Star will spawn at the beginning of the level!

Congratulations! You collected all purple coins and earned yourself a Power Star!

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