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Racing the Spooky Speedster

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This level is found within Boo’s Boneyard Galaxy, outside of the Gate dome. This galaxy is unlocked by feeding the Hungry Luma outside the Gate dome 1,200 Star Bits. The Hungry Luma will only appear when you’ve completed Luigi and the Haunted Mansion and Gateway’s Purple Coins.

Spooky Speedster Race

When you begin this level, you’ll need to head up over the skull and make your way down the orange warp pipe. From there you’ll need to walk down the ramp and grab the Boo Mushroom so that you become Boo Mario! Remember, as Boo Mario you can press A/B to fly higher and you can press Y or shake the Right Joy-con to disappear and float through walls.

Press Y to go invisible and travel through the wall!

To move on through this level, you’ll need to disappear and float through the wall. A little further down, you’ll find the Spooky Speedster, who you raced in A Very Spooky Sprint. This time, you’ll need to race him as Ghost Mario.

The race is fairly straightforward and the route is intuitive. First off you’ll need to head downwards. Going invisible seems to give you a tiny boost, so that could be useful to utilise throughout the race. There will also be a fair few shortcuts blocked by wall barriers that you could take advantage of too. However, you don’t actually need to take any shortcuts to win this race. This guide will offer a walkthrough of the standard race route, but there are a lot of shortcuts that can reduce your record race time, if you wished to try again and complete it faster.

After going downwards, you’ll need to follow the path to the right and use the fans to give you a big boost through this area. You should try to utilise the wind fans wherever possible as they will give you a huge boost. To do so, you’ll need to activate them by flying through their respective Golden ? Coin. As you’re using the second fan, watch out that you don’t fly straight into the springy enemy, Banekiti. It won’t damage you but you’ll be slowed down if you bump into it from either angle.

Use the fans to give you a big boost through the race!

Continue to make your way down the race route, between the concrete blocks. In the next section you can either navigate through the spinning bones or you can go to the right and use the fan. If you use the fan, you’ll need to quickly go invisible near the bottom of this section as there’s a wall that’ll slow your boost down if you bump into it.

You can choose to head through the spinning bones or use the fan for a boost.

In the final stretch of the race, you just need to head down a narrow passage whilst you avoid the walls by either navigating around them or going invisible through them. If you win the race, the Spooky Speedster will reward you with a Power Star! Remember, you only have to go faster than 53 seconds to win!

If you win the race, the Spooky Speedster will give you a star!


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