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Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Galaxy Overview

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers an overview of Space Junk Galaxy. Space Junk Galaxy is located in the Fountain dome and is the first galaxy that you’ll unlock in the dome.

Pull Star Path

Your goal during this level is to use Pull Stars get to different planets and reach the platform with the Toad Brigade, who are trapped in crystals.


This section offers a list of all the new enemies in this level.

  • Big Amps - Big Amps are hazards shaped like black orbs with electricity and won’t act hostile towards you and will on damage you if only if you touch them.

  • Spoings - Spoings are spider like enemies that won’t run at you to attack. They will simply jump on the spot and slowly descend to their orignal position and can damage you if you touch them. To defeat them you can just spin attack them or jump on their heads with good timing.

  • Goombas - Goombas will simply run at you and try to damage you by touching Mario. To defeat them, spin attack them then run at them to kick them away, or just jump on their head.

Like my most Spiders, Spoings aren’t too tough to deal with.

Kamella’s Airship Attack

The aim of this level is to traverse several airships to face Kamella on her own personal airship.

New Enemies:

  • Koopa Troopas - Koopa Troopas wont attack you if they see you, but instead will stay on their set path and walk backwards and forwards. They are slow moving and can be defeated by jumping on them leaving their shells to be used as projectiles.

  • Magikoopas - Magikoopas will be found on a few of the airships in this level. When alone they will tend to stay in their own area of the airship. Causing their projectiles to have a limited range. They can be defeated by throwing a singular Koopa Troopa shell.

Even the Magikoopas aren’t immune to the devastating green shells!

Other Enemies

  • Goombas
  • Octopi

Boss Enemy - Kamella

Kamella will begin shooting fireballs at you, similair to those of the Magikoopas. Along with the occasional spell that will turn into a green shell once it makes contact with a surface. To inflict damage you need to use the green shells that appear by throwing them directly at Kamella. After the first hit, Kamella will spawn two Magikoopas who will also start shooting fireballs at you. You will need to hit Kamella three times to win!

Kamella will try and stop you with her magic!

Tarantox’s Tangled Web

Your aim in this level is to make your way to Tarantox’s planet and shattering the silk spider egg and defeating it.


  • Goombas
  • Spoings

Boss Enemy

  • Tarantox (boss) -Tarantox will attack you as soon as you break open its silk casing. During the battle, Tarantox will remain in the center of the planet and you will be limited to moving left and right and the area is restricted to that of 2D circle. To defeat Tarantox you need to use the Sling Pods on the planet and throw yourself at the glowing buttons, mainly the rear one. After hitting the largest button Tarantox will flip over revealing three smaller buttons which you will have to hit to inflict actual damage. You need to do this twice to defeat Tarantox.

Tarantox sits on a planet wide web.

Yoshi’s Unexpected Appearance

This level is actually a hidden Power Star and can be obtained during a playthrough of Tarantox’s Tangled Web. The goal of the level is to clear the new born planet of the Goomba infestation.


  • Goombas

The Goombas have strength in numbers!

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