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Author(s): KeyBlade999
First Published: 18-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 29-05-2019 / 17:50 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 16:26 GMT

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Guadosalam and the Thunder Plains

Thunder Plains

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name Notes
Aerouge Weak to Water
Buer Weak to Water
Gold Element Weak to Water
Iron Giant Very strong, lots of HP.
Monster Name Notes
Kusariqqu Weak to Water
Larva Weak to Water
Melusine Weak to Ice
Qactuar Very powerful at this stage, approach with caution!

NOTE - BROTHERHOOD : By this point in the game was when I first noticed that Tidus’s Brotherhood sword had changed in its abilities. Before, it was simply Strength +5%. Now it has Strength +5%, Strength +10% (a total of +15%), Sensor, and Waterstrike. The latter is very effective here in dealing with some of the Lightning-based enemies you’d expect in a region called the Thunder Plains.

IMPORTANT NOTE - LIGHTNING : Just a footnote, but the lightning you’ll find in the Thunder Plains won’t hurt you. While you can dodge it by pressing X at the right time, this only has a use in obtaining Lulu’s Venus Sigil, which won’t even have a use until the very late-game (you will also get a trophy for dodging 200 strikes). In any case, if you’re finding the lightning bothersome to your progress (again, it miraculously doesn’t hurt you, just knocks you back a bit), duck under the lightning rods you’ll see scattered through the area. If you earnestly want to do this kind of stuff, see the Lightning Dodging sidequest for details.

NOTE - QACTUARS : Last note, I promise! In any case, you’ll see several stones throughout the Thunder Plains that have pictures of Qactuars (or perhaps Cactuars) on them. These glowing stones, if you press Sqaure in front of them, allow you to battle Qactuars, not found in any other way. So, why beat it? You can steal Chocobo Feathers from them, for one thing. Also, if you beat one, you’re very likely to obtain armors with the HP and MP Stroll abilities that let you heal HP/MP as you walk !

The lightning strikes can impede your progress so duck under the towers along the way. The glowing stones around are home to Qactuars, powerful versions of Cactuars that you may want to avoid for now.

South Thunder Plains : Begin by grabbing the two Phoenix Downs from the chest to the west when you regain control. Most of the Thunder Plains is just a simple journey northward otherwise. As you go, you’ll quickly encounter a Save Sphere. Use it, then go northwest from there to two Hi-Potions . Continue northward along the west side of the area to find one of those Qactuar statues in addition to a hidden 5,000 Gil chest behind it. Go northeast from there into an alcove for a Water Ball ; throw it on Wakka if you plan on using him a bit for the Plains. Further north of there is the next area.

Agency Front : At the agency, speak with Rikku before entering the agency. Within, speak with everyone else before going after Yuna (through the door to the northeast). When Rin arrives, give him the first answer to his question for Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIV . After, do what you want, but eventually you have to peek in on Yuna. After the scene, go speak with Rikku in the morning and you’ll eventually end up outside, much against her will. Examine the object you can see on the ground just a bit to the northeast of the Agency to find the Yellow Shield , then leave.

North Thunder Plains : About as non-descript as the first half. Continue northward for a bit to the overhang near the lightning rod in the distance and, after Yuna’s special lil scene there, snatch up the Ether , then go northeast of there for 2,000 Gil . Continue north into Macalania. (Or, as Tidus would say, Macarana. Sounds like Macarena.)

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