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Mushroom Rock Road

Jarrod Garripoli

There will be a cutscene involving Seymour upon entering Mushroom Rock Road for the first time, then you will regain control. The enemies on the first screen of the Mushroom Rock Road will be the same as on the Oldroad in Mi’ihen Highroad. Run forward and when you see some NPCs on the left side, talk to them to receive an Ether, two Phoenix Downs, and a Hi-Potion. A little farther north, you will run into Clasko, who will direct you to the command center; the other path will be blocked for now. As soon as you turn the corner and the camera changes, you will see O’aka standing there.

Enemies HP Notes
Funguar 540 Weak to Fire; Beware Pollen counter
Gandarewa 148 High magic defense
Garuda 4,000 Susceptible to Darkness
Lamashtu 275 Armored; High magic defense
Raptor 200 High magic defense
Red Element 450 Weak to Ice
Thunder Flan 450 Weak to Water

Funguars can put the entire party to sleep by countering with Pollen

He doesn’t really sell anything worthwhile right now, although if you need any items, now’s a good time to stock up on some. On the next screen, there will be a Save Sphere right there, so use it if needed, then speak to the NPC standing there to get a Hi-Potion. It should be noted that from here on out, on the Mushroom Rock Road, you will be facing different fiends than in the previous area. One particularly annoying fiend is the Funguar, as it can counter attacks with Pollen, which will try to inflict Sleep on the entire party. They are weak to fire, though, so if Lulu happens to have Fira already, then that should get rid of them in one casting.

Back on course, there is something peculiar behind the NPC from before, so stand on it and press the button shown to get elevated up to the next section. Follow the trail here, until you spot a chest to the north of you, so open it up for 1,000 Gil. There should be a NPC near it and if you talk to them, you will receive 10 Potions. Continue following the road, stopping to open a chest with a Remedy. The road will keep going on, but you want to keep an eye out for another chest that is slightly hidden behind a pillar; this one contains a Hi-Potion. At the end of this road, you will find another platform that elevates you up to the next section.

As soon as you get off the elevator, speak with the NPC right in front of you for an X-Potion. It looks like there might be something off to the left of the above NPC, but there’s not, so head north a little bit and look for the path veering off to the left there. At the end of this short path, take the elevator down and loot the chest you find for a Serene Armlet. Return to the main section and move north once more, until you find another path off to the left. This one will coil around a little bit and at the end of it, you will find Al Bhed Primer Vol. X on the ground.

(1 of 2) Take the one elevator to reach this chest with a Serene Armlet

Take the one elevator to reach this chest with a Serene Armlet (left), Primer Vol. X is hidden at the end of the path by the final elevator (right)

Double back to the main path and a little ways north will be the elevator to the next area. You’re pretty much at the end here, so speak with the one NPC by the stairs to be handed a Mega-Potion, then go south of the Save Sphere to trigger a cutscene with Luzzu and Gatta. Speak with Luzzu again after that scene for another one. Return to the Save Sphere to save your game, then step on the contraption, which turns out to be another elevator. Take this one up and enter the next screen to arrive in the command center for Operation Mi’ihen.


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