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Lightning Dodging

Jarrod Garripoli

You have access to this sidequest as soon as you enter the Thunder Plains. Throughout the area, there will be period lightning strikes, which you can dodge by pressing the X (Playstation)/A (Xbox)/B (Switch) button whenever you see the flash on the screen. If you don’t dodge it, the lightning will hit Tidus and he will be knocked to the ground, although you don’t suffer any HP loss. While it is possible to complete this sidequest during the main story, it’s best to wait until later in the game, when you get No Encounters on someone’s armor. Encountering enemies is a big reason why you might mess up on the timing, as a lightning strike could occur right after exiting from a fight.

The whole goal of doing the Lightning Dodging is to get the Venus Sigil for Lulu’s Celestial Weapon. This will require you to dodge 200 lightning bolts, but they all have to be in a row. If you get hit by a single lightning bolt in the process of goign for 200, then you will have to start over from the beginning. Unfortunately, you will have to keep track of the number of dodges yourself, as there is no counter on the screen. Once you feel like you’ve dodged enough, head to Rin’s Travel Agency in between the northern and southern areas, and there will be a chest outside of the front door. Also, once you obtain the Venus Sigil, you will unlock the Lightning Dancer trophy/achievement.

(1 of 2) You will find this crater will continuously trigger a lightning strike

You will find this crater will continuously trigger a lightning strike (left), so just step into the crater to trigger the lightning bolt (right)

So, you might think this is a very challenging and nigh impossible sidequest, which it can be normally. However, there is a trick, or rather a more consistent spot, for helping achieve the 200 goal. In the southern half of the Thunder Plains, there is a tower on the western side that has a crater just north of it. Walking/running into the crater will always trigger a lightning strike, so you will be stationing here until you finish this sidequest. After triggering the lighting, run back to the tower and then to the crater to get another. This is the easiest way to get the Venus Sigil without a lot of hassle of trying for random lightning strikes. Note that there is an oddity with the HD versions of the game, as there is some slight input lag, but using the above method will make it simpler.


Dodges Reward
5 X Potion x 2
10 Mega Potion x 2
20 MP Sphere x 2
50 Strength Sphere x 3
100 HP Sphere x 3
150 Megalixir x 4
200 Venus Sigil

There is an additional reward of an Ether and Elixir, for dodging or getting hit a combined total of 30 and 80 times, respectively.


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