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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster


Jarrod Garripoli


HP Overkill AP Weak Strong
16,000 4,000 4,400 Thunder Fire/Ice/Water (Halves)

Item Drops

Common Drop Rare Drop Common Steal Rare Steal
Elixir (x1) Elixir (x2) Lunar Curtain Lunar Curtain (x2)

The main boss is Crawler, as the Negator is more of a distraction, although it can also be a good thing. The Negator doesn’t actually attack, but it will block all magic and Aeons from being summoned. Since you can’t use magic to defeat it, you will have to bring it down with Wakka’s attacks (it has 1,000 HP). While the Negator is still there, Crawler can use an attack called Gatling Gun, which hits eight times on random party members, so you can’t really control who gets hit with it. Since this is a physical attack, you could have Rikku use Light Curtains for Protect on your characters (steal from Iron Giants in the Thunder Plains) or Yuna cast Protect when the Negator is down.

When the Negator is down, the Crawler will begin counting down to initiate its big attack, Mana Beam. This hits all characters for huge damage, but it takes three turns to fully charge it, so you have an opportunity to stop it. What you need to do is attack the Crawler four times with magic (preferably Thunder, since it is weak to it), causing it to summon another Negator. If done before Mana Beam is used, the Negator will stop it from being used, meaning you won’t have to deal with it. If you can’t get the four magics out before the countdown ends, then bring in Yuna and have her summon an Aeon to act like a meatshield.

Note that there is a chance for Crawler to counter any attack with Assault, but if the attack is Thunder-based, then the counter will always occur. This counterattack can hurt a lot, but it only hits a single character, so you can definitely outheal it with Yuna or Hi-Potions. Your plan for dealing with this boss should probably go something like this: start off by bringing down the Negator with Wakka, then that will be your chance to buff with Haste, Protect and Shell. The first character you should Haste is Tidus, so he can get more turns, then Lulu should be second. If you can’t get the boss to spawn another Negator before Mana Beam, have Yuna call out an Aeon to take the hit.

With Lulu gaining more turns, that means she can use Thundara more often, although you will need to keep her healthy. If you have been stealing items a lot with Rikku, then you might have a nice supply of Lightning Marbles or Electro Marbles (can get these from the Aerouge and Gold Element on Thunder Plains). Using these easily allows you to bypass having deal with the Negator, so you can directly attack the main boss. Note that sending Kimahri down Rikku’s path is ideal, since you might gain access to Steal and Use earlier, so you may have two characters who can throw items.

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