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Mi'ihen Highroad South End

Jarrod Garripoli

Upon arriving on the Mi’ihen Highroad, touch the Save Sphere and you will receive a message detailing that you can use Save Spheres to warp directly to the Blitzball arena. You will also be able to recruit new players to your Blitzball team, which is done by going up to a NPC and pressing the Square (Playstation/X (Xbox)/Y (Switch) button. Note that not all NPCs will be able to be recruited, obviously, so you will have to know who you’re looking for. Also, recruiting these players will cost you gil, as you have to pay for a contract, so if you’re running low on money right now, it’s best to wait until later in the game.

(1 of 2) Armored enemies will take lesser damage with normal weapons

Armored enemies will take lesser damage with normal weapons (left), but those with Piercing on them will deal their full damage (right)

Enemies HP Notes
Bomb 850 Weak to Ice, Self-Destructs after taking damage three times
Dual Horn 1,875 Use Dark Attack
Floating Eye 140 High magic defense
Mi’ihen Fang 160 High magic defense
Raldo 240 Armored, High magic defense
White Element 390 Weak to Fire

For now, your best bet is to just continue with the game, so start walking on the Mi’ihen Highroad, until you trigger a battle. This will be another tutorial fight, where you learn about armored enemies, such as the Raldo. These enemies are strong versus most physical attacks and magic is sometimes just not as good as normal. However, if you happen to have Piercing on a character’s weapon, then that will work fine. Both Auron and Kimahri will typically always have that auto-ability on their weapons, so you can use them to deal with armored enemies.

There will be two NPCs on the first screen, one with a yellow shirt and a female NPC, who will hand over two Antidotes and a Hi-Potion. You should have seen a statue on the left side, as well as an old man standing by it. Speak with the old man to get a brief history lesson on the Mi’ihen Highroad and why it is named that. As you continue north, you will run into some ruins and the old man from before returns, telling you about the ruins. He’ll finally introduce himself as Maechen, a scholar that’s studying the history of Spira. Once he’s finished, head around the ruins and on the northern side of them, you will find a chest with an Ice Brand in it.

(1 of 2) Speak with all of the NPCs on Mi'ihen Highroad

Speak with all of the NPCs on Mi'ihen Highroad (left), as most of them will give you free items (right)

Continue north and you will trigger another scene with Lucil, the captain of the Djose Chocobo Knights. Pay heed to the warning about the large fiend with a taste for chocobos. After it’s over, you might see another NPC walking around, so talk to him to get a Hunter’s Spear. When you reach the clearing on the right side, you will see another NPC standing there. Before talking to her, it might be a good idea to do some battles to try and get Yuna’s Overdrive full, as well as work on her Sphere Grid, if you haven’t done so yet.

If case you didn’t know, Yuna’s Overdrive is called Grand Summon and using it will summon an Aeon with a full Overdrive meter. This is separate from the normal gauge for the Aeon’s Overdrive, so it is possible to perform two Overdrives with an Aeon back-to-back. When you feel you are ready, speak with the NPC, who introduces herself as Belgemine, another summoner. She feels she can teach you many things, and offers a one-on-one match between her Aeon and yours.

BOSS - Ifrit

Belgemine’s Aeon is Ifrit, who you just got not too long ago, and since you can’t have two of the same Aeons duking it out, you will be forced to use Valefor here. If you have Yuna’s Overdrive full, use Grand Summon to have Valefor’s Overdrive full. You will learn a little more about Aeons in this battle, namely the Shield and Boost commands. Shield will stop your Aeon’s Overdrive gauge, but reduces the amount of damage it receives. Meanwhile, Boost will accelerate the Overdrive gauge, but at the cost of increasing the amount of damage received. Should you want to use Boost, go ahead, but this fight will follow a preset pattern, for the most part.

(1 of 3) Shield will definitely help reduce damage

If you Grand Summon’d Valefor, use an Overdrive to deal some nice damage to Ifrit. If not, then you will want to pay attention to the brief tutorial at the beginning of the battle. Ifrit will alternate between a normal attack and Meteor Strike, the latter of which will deal more damage. The game mentions using Shield when you know Meteor Strike is coming, as it will deal a lot less damage than taking it head-on. Since Ifrit is immune to the delay effect of Sonic Wings, it’s in your best interests to use Blizzard to deal damage instead, although Ifrit doesn’t seem to have a weakness to Ice; just don’t use Fire at all, since he absorbs it. You should get enough of a boost to your Overdrive to get another off, should you use need a desperate attack at the end before losing. Ifrit has 3,500 HP.

If you win the fight, you will receive an Echo Ring that has HP +10% and Silence Ward on it. If you don’t win, then you will receive a Seeker’s Ring, which has HP +10%. There is no incentive to win, so if you just can’t cut it, then don’t worry about losing. You will find nothing else on this screen of Mi’ihen Highroad, so keep going north until you reach the next screen.

Highroad - South

Follow the road and in the little alcove behind the Chocobo Knight will be a chest, so loot it for a Remedy. A little farther ahead, a scene will trigger with the two NPCs (mother and daughter). Once it’s over, you should see a blitzball in the middle of the road and if you interact with it, Tidus will kick the ball. However, leave it alone and speak with the little kid running around to get three Softs; you get nothing at all for kicking the ball. There will be one other NPC running on this screen, a Crusader, who will hand over a Red Ring if you speak with him. Continue to the next screen.

Mi’ihen Highroad - Central

At the beginning of this screen, wait until you see a NPC walking up from the southern end. Speak with him to receive a Lv. 1 Key Sphere, which is a nice item. Basically, there are spots on the Sphere Grid that are inaccessible or blocked off because of locks. There are four levels of Key Spheres, with the higher ones being a little more rare. You will gain a second Lv. 1 Key Sphere soon, which will allow you to do something with Kimahri on his Sphere Grid. For now, continue travelling up the road and if you see another NPC walking by, speak with them to get four Antidotes.

(1 of 2) Key Spheres are a nice find this early in the game

Key Spheres are a nice find this early in the game (left), Kimahri can learn Fire Breath from Dual Horns (right)

Eventually, there will be a clearing on the right side, which has a chest that you might not see, due to the camera angle; this chest is holding 2,000 Gil. Keep going north and speak with the next person you see for 600 Gil, then a little farther will be a short scene with a wagon. After it pulls away, there is another NPC off to the left side that will hand over an Ether. As you make your way north again, stop by the clearing on the right to speak with Gatta and Luzzu to trigger another scene. Another NPC to the north will hand over a Hi-Potion, then one more will give you four Antidotes.

The two NPCs together are a Crusader and Shelinda, a NPC that will talk about trying to stop the Crusaders from using the “forbidden Machina.” Once you are done with her, go to the northern tip of this area and open the chest there for three Eye Drops. Move to the next screen to finally reach Rin’s Travel Agency.


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