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White Magic Spells

Jarrod Garripoli

White Magic is a command that usually revolves around buffs and recovery magic. The majority of White Magic spells are gotten from Yuna’s section of the Sphere Grid, although some of them can be found on the others, like Tidus, who has access to time-related ones.

Spell MP Description Sphere Grid Section
Cure 4 Restores minor HP to target Yuna
Cura 10 Restores moderate HP to target Yuna
Curaga 20 Restores major HP to target Yuna
Scan 1 See target’s vital stats Kimahri
NulBlaze 2 Puts barrier on party to nullify one fire attack Yuna
NulShock 2 Puts barrier on party to nullify one thunder attack Yuna
NulTide 2 Puts barrier on party to nullify one water attack Yuna
NulFrost 2 Puts barrier on party to nullify one ice attack Yuna
Esuna 5 Removes status ailments from target Yuna
Life 18 Revives KO’ed character with 50% HP Yuna
Full-Life 60 Revives KO’ed character with full HP Rikku
Haste 8 Increases agility of one character Tidus
Hastega 30 Increases agility of party Tidus
Slow 12 Reduces agility of target Tidus
Slowga 20 Reduces agility of all targets Tidus
Shell 10 Halves all magic damage/healing of a target Yuna
Protect 12 Halves all physical damage of a target Yuna
Reflect 14 Bounces spells off of target Yuna
Dispel 12 Remove positive status effects from target Yuna
Regen 40 Target heals for fraction of HP each turn for 10 turns Yuna
Holy 85 Holy-elemental damage to target Yuna
Auto-Life 97 Automatically revives KO’ed target with 25% of max HP Yuna

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