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The S.S Liki

Jarrod Garripoli

Upon gaining control on the ship, head over to Wakka and speak to him to learn that you’re first heading to Kilika, then move over to another boat that’s going to Luca. From there, you will be able to explore the boat, so let’s get cracking. Head to the back of the boat, behind the stairs going up and look for an opening that will take you inside the boat. As soon as you go downstairs, you will witness a scene with O’aka XXIII, a travelling merchant. He’s a bit rude, but speak with him afterwards and you will be able to donate some gil to him. Depending on how much you give him, the price of his goods much later in the game will either be more expensive or cheaper.

(1 of 2) The opening to enter the ship is behind the stairs

The opening to enter the ship is behind the stairs (left), You can donate some gil to O'aka, if you have some to spare (right)

Gil Amount Price
0-100 +100%
101-1,000 +50%
1,001-10,000 +20%
10,001 or more -30%

You probably don’t have 10,001 gil right now, but you might have over 1,000, so it might be a good idea to donate 1,001 gil. There will be more opportunities to give him money, plus it will be cumulative. After dealing with O’aka, head into the room on the left side and loot the chest there for a Remedy. There is also a briefcase in this room, which when interacted with, will cough up a Potion. However, it only does if you have less than 20 Potions in your inventory. Once you have 20 Potions in your inventory, you will not get anymore. Back in the main hall, there is actually a path behind O’aka, leading down to the Power Room.

Here, you will see Tidus’ introduction to Chocobos (presumably, he’s never seen one before or something), but in the bottom right corner of the screen, you should see an item laying on the ground, which is the Al Bhed Primer Vol. III. In the main hall, save your game with the Save Sphere, then go back up to the deck. Approach Yuna and the crowd of people for a quick scene, then report back to Wakka for another. This will cause the people to move away from Yuna, so go back to her for one more scene, which will lead into the next boss.

(1 of 2) Keep kicking this briefcase until you have 20 Potions

Keep kicking this briefcase until you have 20 Potions (left), Al Bhed Primer Vol. 3 is found in the Power Room, in the front (right)

BOSS - Sin (Fin)

You will be fighting only a fin of Sin, which will be in the water the entire time. Because of this, only ranged attacks will be able to reach it, so that limits the characters who will be able to participate in battle. Sin actually doesn’t do anything itself here, as it will just move around whenever its turn comes up in the turn order. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t take any damage, as Sin will release Sinscales that land on the boat. So, you will have to contend with three Sinscales that will continually respawn, but only if you defeat all three of them. It’s very important to swap in each character and have them take any action (even defending), so they gain AP at the end.

So, it is possible to eliminate two Sinscales and leave the third one alive, meaning you only have to worry about a single enemy dishing out damage. One good thing about this battle, though, is that since Sin doesn’t deal any direct damage, you can use the Sinscales to grind out some AP. Each one yields 2 AP (3, if Overkilled), so you could use a team of physical attackers (Tidus, Wakka and Kimahri) here. Have Tidus use Cheer five times to buff their attack/physical defense, which should hopefully be enough to one-shot the Sinscales. As far as Sin goes, Lulu’s black magic, Wakka’s physical attacks, Kimahri’s Lancet, and Yuna’s Aeon, Valefor, will be able to hit it. The only character who is useless on Sin itself is Tidus.

(1 of 2) Only ranged attacks can hit Sin's fin

Only ranged attacks can hit Sin's fin (left), It's best to leave one Sinscale alive, so they don't respawn (right)

Watch the scenes after the fight with Sin, which will lead you straight into another boss fight.

BOSS - Sinspawn Echuilles

Since this battle takes place underwater, you are limited to only Tidus and Wakka here. Thus, you are limited in your options, such as healing, since you can only use Potions. Echuilles will be flanked by four Sinscales at the beginning of the battle, with them charging at a character; they will be ejected from battle after attacking, but more will spawn during the course of the fight. You can attack them if you want, but the lack of resources and only having two party members should have you focusing solely on the Sinspawn.

As far as the Sinspawn Echuilles is concerned, it has two moves it will do, with one being Drain Touch. This will deal physical damage to a single character, then heal the Sinspawn for that same amount. Since it is physical damage, you can use Tidus’ Cheer to mitigate it a little bit. Also, the boss is susceptible to Darkness, so you can use Wakka’s Dark Attack to help make Drain Touch miss a lot. After the boss uses Drain Touch twice, it will use Blender on the next turn, which hits both characters for moderate magical damage.

You can’t do anything to negate/lessen this, since Cheer only deals with physical damage. Having your HP above 200 at all times is ideal, especially since Blender will deal around 115 damage or so, then you might have to get hit by the Sinscales.

(1 of 2) Afflicted with Darkness, Drain Touch will miss often

Afflicted with Darkness, Drain Touch will miss often (left), If it does connect, Sinspawn will get healed the same amount as it damages (right)

When the battle is over, there will be more scenes, then you will be in Kilika.
After the battle and a cutscene, you’ll arrive on Kilika.


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